Petit manuel du chineur ! - Debongout

Small handbook of bargain hunters!

Good antiquing is an art! From spring until around the end of September, we are in the middle of the flea market season. The opportunity to unearth nuggets while visiting small villages and pretty alleys. Whether you're looking for a particular piece or not , there are a few best practices to get the best deals and come back with some good loot. Caroline and Wahib, our chief bargain hunters 🕵🏻 ♂️ give you the keys for a successful flea market trip.

Arrive at dawn = essential

It's no secret that the best deals are made in the morning, when the second-hand goods dealers (and connoisseurs) arrive! You will have many more choices and can then leave with the most beautiful pieces. The must is to arrive at the unpacking (around 6 am, yes it stings a little…), while the junk dealers are still getting their goods out of the truck and setting up their exhibition space. Don't hesitate to search 👀 and share your research with the second-hand dealers . You never know, maybe he has it at the bottom of his Ali Baba cave!

If you're looking for big pieces, equip yourself accordingly. A devil and some blankets may be welcome to transport your nuggets. And of course, the flashlight (or even a headlamp for a foolproof style) can be very practical if it is not yet day.

Parley, question, negotiate...

Once you have found a nugget , do not hesitate to ask for all the information about it. Its origin, its date of creation, its designer if it is a signed piece, but above all its history, because we love that our favorite pieces tell their old lives ! For example, the vintage glass globes of our Colette and Paulette lamps come from an old collection that belonged to their creator's grandfather... We love this little anecdote which gives them even more charm 🤩

Finally, don't accept an offer without negotiating the price. After all, we're here for that and then we're not going to hide it, it's still always nice to have managed to lower the price of an object that we really want!

Ultimate rule, do not miss the good deal!

One last piece of advice for the road: if you have smelled a good deal, don't miss your chance! The beautiful pieces go very quickly, so think twice before "doing a little tour and ironing on the way back".

The golden rule is to position yourself quickly if you have a crush , even if it means coming back a little later to pick up your find if it is not easy to transport. Finally, remember to have cash and small change 💰, just to be able to easily top up and not waste time.

Come on, it's up to you now, see you tomorrow morning at dawn! If with all this you are not doing the business of the century...