Comment mettre en valeur notre chaise Jeanne dans votre intérieur ? - Debongout

How to highlight our Jeanne chair in your interior?

The Jeanne chair is our latest Debongout edition! A perfect seat with straight and elegant lines, which finds its place in all the rooms of the house. Made in Indonesia, it is made of solid teak and hand-woven natural rattan cane. We have designed it so that it is as practical as it is aesthetic, even folded up in a corner of the room . Chic and timeless, Jeanne accompanies you for life. To better imagine it at home, here are some tips that will allow you to highlight it, as it deserves...

In front of a desk or in a corner of the room

We imagined Jeanne to fit perfectly in a bedroom, as an office chair or displayed in a corner of the room. It has the perfect height to slip under a table . Its light caning goes perfectly with wooden furniture or even with completely different looks. The little extra: the choice of your file to vary the pleasures! Our favorite set up: installed under a Scandinavian or modern desk, decorated with a plaid and soft cushions like our Marin models or the new Dimitri !

In the dining room, around the table

Jeanne naturally finds its place around the dining table, in the dining room or the kitchen. Like here, combined with a raw wood table like our nicely patinated Romy , with or without a tablecloth. Or even around a more modern table, in metal or glass for example. Jeanne can be adopted alone or as a duo, you can even vary the finishes (teak or cane backrest) .

We also love pairing our perfect new chair alongside other vintage seats like our Claudes , to create the perfect mix of new and vintage!

Jeanne is also perfect outdoors!

Weather permitting, you can take your Jeanne chair out into your garden or onto your terrace. It has the particularity of folding and therefore of being transported everywhere and easily. For breakfast, brunch or for a drink in front of the sunset, Jeanne will be the chic and comfortable seat you need.

It is a strong piece that accompanies you at all times of your life and that evolves in your interior to the rhythm of your desires. Perfect paired with the Adam rug and the new Maxence vases. Don't forget, however, to bring it inside if it rains, it would be a shame if the weather damaged its pretty finishes.