Bienvenue chez Béatrice, fondatrice de Madame Décore - Debongout

Welcome to Béatrice, founder of Madame Decore

After our first edition at Claire , we invite ourselves this week to Béatrice, founder of the Madame Decore blog. What could be better than a flea market and vintage enthusiast for this new home tour! Béatrice opens the doors of her pretty house located not far from Paris, whose layout has been completely redesigned to live in her own way , with open doors. Here, life is good. The patina of the antique pieces, the deliciously chosen colors, the accumulation of candles… create a warm atmosphere where you could spend the whole afternoon getting to know Béatrice around a hot tea. Come on, close your eyes, it's as if you were there!

Beatrice, can you introduce yourself?

I am a blogger, founder of the Madame Decore website, but also a content creator and editor for various brands. The decorative universe, and particularly retro and vintage, have always fascinated me ! My parents were keen on flea markets, so I fell into the pot from a very young age! We are here at home, in the southern suburbs of Paris. I live in this millstone of 100m2 with my husband Julien and my son Paul, 8 years old.

What were your first desires for your interior?

I've always wanted to respect the initial style of the house and highlight what already exists: the old parquet floor, the fireplaces, etc. The previous owners had erased many assets that I endeavored to find. For example, I put old railings back on the windows. I would also like to put back moldings on the ceiling and bases on the walls...

How did you furnish and accessorize it?

I hunt for a lot of antique furniture and accessories, to which I add a few designer pieces . There are also new vintage-inspired furniture, such as the sideboards that dress my living room and my bedroom, for example.

What is the room where you spend the most time?

At the moment I live in my dining room, which I have transformed into an office-workshop. But I migrate according to the seasons… Winter in my upstairs office, and summer in my outside living room.

What are your decorative inspirations?

I draw my inspiration for decoration everywhere, from Instagram to decoration magazines or Pinterest. I also like picking up a detail here and there, spotted in a shop or in the interiors of my friends.

What is your favorite piece of furniture?

Without hesitation, my 1900 seeder brought in the cost of superhuman effort! It is heavy, very impractical but it has an aesthetic that I really like.

How did you come up with the idea of ​​creating the Madame Decore blog?

When I bought this house, I started spending a lot of time decorating blogs. I first wanted to share the before / after from here (we did a lot of work!), then the desire to tackle other subjects came quite naturally.

I share my favourites, the various decorative arrangements made in the house over the years, news in the world of decoration, current trends...

What is your favorite piece from Debongout?

I really like the selection of vintage mirrors found by Claire. Bevelled, golden, they are all different but always delicate, with a patina of their own... I love them all!

What is good taste for you?

For me, good taste is what goes through the ages without ever going out of style. Timeless!

To discover the complete visit of Béatrice's house, with its large spaces and its pretty details that are always well thought out, go to our Youtube page !