Petit lexique du chineur ! - Debongout

Little lexicon of bargain hunters!

Stroll through garage sales, flea markets and other flea markets to find the missing piece in our interior, it's quite an art!

Arrive at dawn, position yourself quickly, negotiate, question, negotiate… Some time ago we shared the keys to a successful flea market trip in our article Petit manuel du bargain-hunter .
But antiquing well is also a jargon to master!
By the way, did you know that the word "chiner" is the contraction of "s'échiner" which expresses the fact of taking pains for something?
For the record, in the 19th century, bargain hunters roamed the roads in search of old objects to exchange or resell. Very ungrateful work, they worked hard at the task for often a meager booty... Whereas today, we don't work hard anymore but we bargain hunt with passion ✨

A quick overview of the favorite expressions and words of the flea market world!

In the back of the truck

We buy at the back of the truck when the junk dealers unpack their goods (generally around 5 am in the company of his headlamp). It's a painful but strategic moment to hunt for little marvels before anyone else!


Subject of all our desires, the cam designates the merchandise of the second-hand dealer.
The cam is hot? Be careful, it was stolen and resold when unpacking!

In his juice

Here, the seller is not offering you an aperitif, but an old piece of furniture preserved and sold in its original condition, without alterations, modifications or cleaning. Depending on the desired effect, two strategies are available to you: above all, do not touch anything or, on the contrary, restore!


Understand: business is good!

A nanar

Go your way: these words relate to an imposing object that is difficult to sell.

A drudge

There, you will not ruin yourself! This word comes to us from slang and designates valueless merchandise.

Get plastered

You thought you got a good deal when it was a nanar? It's velvet for your salesman but you got plastered! Take comfort, beautiful cam is in the ass of the truck 😉

Here are some expressions to make a good impression on flea markets and other garage sales.
But we do not hide from you that if there is one essential word for any bargain hunter, it is the traditional one: "how much?" » 😁