Voyages, lieux d'exception et inspiration déco. Découvrez Lulu Escapes et Refuse to hibernate. - Debongout

Travels, exceptional places and decorative inspiration. Check out Lulu Escapes and Refuse to hibernate.

The month of August begins and for many of us, the holidays too! So this time I wanted to talk to you about two accounts that will inspire your decoration and your next vacation. Exceptional places, sublime photos and road trips close to home or around the world, these accounts to follow take us on a trip all year round!

Instagram, this wonderful social network where photos and videos immerse us in lives and universes as addictive as a good Netflix series. The discoveries are numerous but it is also easy to get lost. To guide you, I offer you a selection of 3decoration & lifestyle accounts to follow.

@LuluEscapes , escape!

With French and English origins and a childhood spent in Ibiza, it's hard not to be piqued by the taste for travel. A few years ago, Charlotte-Louise created her account and the quality of her photos did the rest. Result: daily 60k followers take full eyes with each of its publications.

Behind this incredible feed with turquoise waters and landscapes each crazier than the next, hides a young woman of wonderful simplicity and a lover passionate about her discoveries, the beautiful images and the good plans she gives us. share on his blog.

You will find all its food addresses, hotels and places to visit to inspire your next trips and certainly, a decoration that looks like a holiday.

Here is an account to follow which, whatever the season, will ensure the escape.

Good taste according to @LuluEscapes
Natural elements, good quality and simplicity 👌🏻

Your most beautiful hotel

Very difficult question because with my travels I have the opportunity to stay in magnificent hotels all over the world.. So I chose the Masseria Cervarolo which is the last boutique hotel where I stayed in Puglia 😍

His favorite piece Debongout

Juan, the set of 3 seagrass baskets - for me, these are essential pieces of decoration!

@RefuseToHibernate, the view is beautiful!

From the cliffs of Etretat

Notice to backpackers: I invite you here to go on a road trip with Audrey and Mickael. Yes, because they are two to animate this account dedicated to travel. As a couple on screen as well as in town, they take us in their pocket and make us live their journeys as they live it, made up of encounters and the excitement of discovery.

You can only be seduced by their authenticity and their love of beautiful places. Summer spots or winter spots, here there is something for all tastes and for all budgets thanks to their good plans sometimes close to home.

One thing is certain here again, expect to be amazed. Between aerial view, colors and sunsets, the view is as beautiful as life and the atmosphere is always warm, whatever the anchorage.

Good taste according to @RefuseToHibernate

It's a difficult definition to give as it is so abstract... But "good taste" in decoration, in my opinion, is minimalism. Try to live with just what you need and if possible favor natural materials such as wood, linen, organic cotton... I like when the interiors mix nude and warm tones.

Her most beautiful decorative find

The choice was hard because there are several hotels that I really like... But since I'm a mountain girl rather than a beach girl, I'm going to choose the Terminal Neige - Grand Hôtel du Montenvers . A magnificent modern refuge perched on the heights of Chamonix, facing the Mer de Glace. In the evening, when the little red cogwheel train stops serving the heights, you find yourself alone in the heart of the mountains. A timeless and magical experience...

His favorite piece Debongout

The Noa cutting board is definitely my favorite piece! I'm a good foodie and I love to eat, so the wooden chopping board is a must have in my kitchen or when I'm out and about eating outdoors...