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Three Instagram accounts to follow #9

Instagram, this wonderful social network where photos and videos immerse us in lives and universes as addictive as a good Netflix series. The discoveries are numerous but it is also easy to get lost. To guide you, I offer you a selection of 3 decoration & lifestyle accounts to follow.

The nuggets of @Thisisvintage

Natascha's job is to unearth treasures that come from before and we can say that she does it damn well. Whether it's a rattan cradle, an antique mirror or apothecary bottles, Natascha has a knack for spotting the beautiful piece and staging it. Lighting, decor, everything is done with elegance and above all, everything is affordable. Moreover, they are given to each of the publications, which does not spoil the pleasure of browsing his feed in search of the perfect piece for the house. What a pleasure to discover each of these objects! On the other hand, as much to tell you that everything goes very quickly around here, so you have to be reactive to have the chance to shop one of Natascha's finds.

A return from China

Good taste according to @Mobilierthisisvintage

First of all, "good taste" is not a question of price. Some expensive items are not necessarily "good taste". The price of an object cannot influence its charm. In my opinion, "good taste" is an association of simplicity, emotion and beauty. Even if this last notion remains very subjective, the personality of each one remains essential. In short, "good taste" is a mixture of passion and favourites.

Her most beautiful decorative find

For the photo I want to send you my profile picture, which is also my favorite portrait, which defines my universe well I think ☺️

@Lesupplémentdame, handmade with love

" Made with love ". Here is a little "claim" that would also go very well to Stephanie. Stephanie is gifted, she creates. She started with cushions that she knitted with this little something extra, this extra soul written on the face of her cushions. And then Stephanie went further. Today, it offers antique or cement vases, candlesticks and new forms of cushions. In fact, whatever she does is done with skill, gentleness and poetry and all of this shines through in each of her products and photos. As she says herself “every creation is a project and each of them is unique, like your interior, like you. »

In short, welcome to this unique universe, his, which makes us want to have, at home too, this little extra soul.

Stephanie's kitchen

Good taste according to @lesupplementdame

In my opinion, good taste is the art of telling a story.
Our choices in decoration resemble us.
They tell of our travels, our encounters, the stages of our lives.
Good taste may be found in the art of sublimating this story.
Then, it's a question of balance, associations, mixtures and subtlety.
But in my opinion, there is no mistaking good taste that always provokes a beautiful emotion.

Her most beautiful decorative find

My best find is without hesitation the old window of a pharmacy found on the net. I had a real crush on this showcase completely in its own juice., anti good taste!

"Show me your interior and I'll tell you who you are" Well, you won't be disappointed! At Constance, there is no right thinking or half-measures, here we assume ourselves with panache! Yes, because Constance is whole, true to herself and upright in her glittery boots. Whether in fashion, decoration or tableware, it clashes and it's fun to see! Funny like each of his deadpan humor posts. Among others: “today I took out my thighs and my parents, I was wrong in both cases. Constance is at the same time this assurance and this self-mockery that makes you can only love her tidy side completely barred! So we dream of sitting at her tables and toasting with her, guaranteed to have a good evening. You will have understood that Constance is a personality and when we ask her for her definition of good taste, of course, she doesn't like it!

Good taste according to

Good taste is ease, mastery of copying in all its poverty. It's following a trend, understanding the codes and spitting them out.
Taste is inventing without seeking approval other than your own.
Good taste, as in cooking, is made to please, based on easy or bad ingredients to leave an impression of comfort, ease, reassuring boredom.
The taste is a brutal self-affirmation without sweeteners, true and coherent.
Good taste is within the reach of many, especially in the age of social networks and trending platforms.
Taste in all its truth is more rare, like charisma, chic, elegance.
If you want to offend me, tell me I have good taste... If you want to amuse me, tell me I have bad taste... If you want to flatter me, tell me I have good taste like a dish with a unique flavor.

Her most beautiful decorative find

Constance asked me to choose. Without hesitation, his Orangina glasses on his table! Because we all have