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Three Instagram accounts to follow #8

Instagram, this wonderful social network where photos and videos immerse us in lives and universes as addictive as a good Netflix series. The discoveries are numerous but it is also easy to get lost. To guide you, I offer you a selection of 3 decoration & lifestyle accounts to follow.

This week, we visit London through the eyes of Sarah, we discover travels and the beautiful Haussmannian of Virginie and we follow the magnificent renovation of Margot in Bordeaux.

@Sept_septembre, So chic!

A mix between the English art of living and French chic, it gives an elegant account full of poetry. Welcome to Sarah alias @sept_septembre . This mom of three, with flawless taste, clearly has a gift for photography. It is therefore difficult to choose only 2 or 3 to make you discover its powdery and flowery universe.

In her daily adventures that we live with her and her three loves, London is discovered over the seasons. It also reveals a sober and warm interior in which we want to linger, near the bow window, for tea time. Whether related to the retro chic look of her children or to these compositions of objects and materials, Sarah's account is a real source of inspiration to browse again and again.

The perfect match

Good taste according to @sept_septembre

I was very touched by Fabienne @nomibis' definition of good taste a few weeks ago, for whom good taste is synonymous with grace. In my eyes and beyond a necessarily subjective definition of beauty, good taste is above all to be in harmony with oneself, to surround oneself with objects that resemble us and touch us, transcending fashions and pure aesthetics. Good taste is also and above all elegance of the heart, benevolence and respect for others in the refusal of displays. In short, good taste is grace and harmony, with oneself, one's environment and those who are part of it.

Her most beautiful decorative find

This question is difficult for me! But if I have to name just one, it will be the wallpaper that is currently in Elliot's room and which I wallpapered Emma and Pia's room in our previous nest.

Very simple and delicate, it comes from Sanderson's Archives collection and is perfect for giving charm to a child's room. Its milky white background is forgotten while creating a warm and enveloping atmosphere so important for the little ones and the little Gustavian blue pattern, which suits both boys and girls, dresses the room without stimulating it, thus creating a soft atmosphere. promoting relaxation and sleep.

Eyes full of @Mespetitespailettes

Virginia's fireplace 😍

"Lifeaddict" is undoubtedly what best characterizes Virginie for all her interests: travel, decoration, fashion or outings. Suddenly, sequins, we have our eyes full when we discover this account. It must be said that you never get bored here, between a getaway to Cuba or Budapest, a Parisian terrace and an interior with a perfect mix of new and vintage. There is always something to see at Virginie. It is also in a beautiful Haussmann that she lives. Again, a bow window nestles us in a comfortable sofa. Virginie is also a talented photographer who tells us about her escapades on her blog with always the same dose of good humor and glitter! For the anecdote, she was the first to shop the small Léonie table, so seeing her at home always makes me very proud ☺️

Coffee break with love <3

Good taste according to @mespetitespailettes

In my opinion, good taste lies in the simplicity and durability of what one can possess.
It's about bringing together old things that have been handed down or found with more recent objects and furniture. Good taste does not lie in expensive things. On the contrary, it is to unearth and be able to tell stories that will follow us over time.
There are many ways to actually taste good!
In any case for me it really lies when a whole and a multitude of things become harmonious, warm and welcoming.

Her most beautiful decorative find

One of my most beautiful decorative finds is this large mirror.

It took me a while to find it because I wanted it simple, old fashioned and large in size. It offers a broader perspective to the room where it is installed. For the time being, it brings grandeur to my Parisian entrance as well as more brightness in a dark corner at the base.

I especially like the fact that he had several lives before.

This is a door from an old cabinet that has been dismantled. Was the wardrobe in question damaged or damaged, I'll never know! In any case my interior gives it a new life. The mirror is also a reflection, its image, the passage of time and the perspectives that are offered to us depending on what we bring to the image that reflects;) and my best friends (thought for my Audrey) also like to take a picture of themselves in front of me when they visit me!!

@Margot_chayot, inspiration, renovation.

This canopy 🌟

“Wow that canopy! That's what I thought to myself the first time I saw this feed. Margot lives in a Bordeaux townhouse that she is renovating. An interior designer by trade, we can say that she knows a thing or two about decoration! Moreover, we share this renovation with her thanks to her stories and her DIY advice. Wondering how to build a daybed with your little hands? No worries, Margot explains how to do it! Are you hesitating about the layout of your living room? here again Margot will be of good advice! I bet you that Margot's account will become big because it is quickly addictive to follow, day after day, her adventures and her inspirations for this home sweet home that is taking shape before our eyes.

To be continued in story...

Good taste according to @margot_chayot

Good taste, in my opinion, is a story of attachment, of feeling. I like to fall in love with a piece, whether it's vintage or mass-market, trendy or outdated. Knitting his story with objects that speak to us, represent us, remind us of memories too. I like to pass by this antique basket with my mother on the Ile de Ré, to eat at this farmhouse table transported with such difficulty on the roof of the car. Good taste is above all for me a matter of materials. Wood, stone, natural fibers, glass, steel: stay authentic to show yourself as you are.

Her most beautiful decorative find

For my decorative find, it's so hard to choose just one... I'd say my printing cabinet picked up on leboncoin. Its size is perfect, it has followed me in all my apartments and I have already found its place in my future home! And we improved it a little by hanging the drawers 3 by 3 and keeping only one bottom out of 3. We can store a lot more things in it, it's very practical... I'm sending you a picture of this nugget