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Three Instagram accounts to follow #5

Instagram, this wonderful social network where photos and videos immerse us in lives and universes as addictive as a good Netflix series. The discoveries are numerous but it is also easy to get lost. To guide you, I offer you a selection of 3 decoration & lifestyle accounts to follow.

@MaisonCeronne, journey in design

View of the dining room

Here is a little nugget. An account that deserves to be seen and known. The feed brings us to a new Percheron farmhouse completely renovated with style. The lines are graphic, clean and sophisticated in a mix of the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s. this indoor pool with dark blue marble in which one dreams of bathing. Difficult to choose a few photos to make you discover this account. Suffice to say that it clearly makes you want to spend a weekend there and take the opportunity to go for a few Percheron flea markets and taste buds at Troll et Coton, the shetland and the donkey of the house.

Good taste according to Maison Ceronne
Good taste is a kind of alchemy, which cannot be decreed, and which takes its mark over time, not associations of vintage and contemporary pieces, pieces that fit together like a puzzle, like a obviously, to end up with a table. This painting can in no way be objectively perfect, it is also surely perfectible, but it is its accidents that very often give it its strength and its character, to give it a subjectively catchy image.
Good taste is not absolute, it evolves according to time and fashions, but each period has its own good taste. It must adapt to the times. The fact remains that this good taste, when it is really in good taste, becomes almost universally beautiful.

Her most beautiful decorative find

This extremely rare chandelier by Robert Haussmann which dates from the end of the 80s. It comes from a hotel hall in Eastern Europe. It consists of 200 bulbs, for a diameter of 3 meters. It is made of aluminum and bakelite

@Nomibis, patina passion

This Napoleon armchair... ❤

Last week, I asked you what your favorite account was. Many of you answered me Nomibis. I admit that I did not know but what a good surprise! On the feed, you can shop the finds of this passionate about furniture and antiques. What does she prefer? The patina of objects and the story it tells. With stagings and photos that sublimate these treasures, we love every photo. Icing on the cake, Fabienne is funny! It is therefore a real pleasure to discover his finds sprinkled with his travels, his works, his sneakers... so I invite you to scroll down his feed. You will see it quickly becomes addictive.

Ps: For Parisians, you can also visit him right now on his ephemeral corner at the cheap 😉

One of the treasures of Nomibis

Good taste according to Fabienne
Good taste is, in my opinion, grace. Grace is when everything converges into true harmony. This state of grace requires the elegance of the choices, the good manners, the art of living, the control of the mixtures, the sincerity of the selections, the respect of the personality, the knowledge of the codes, the sensitivity. Good taste cannot be learned.

Her most beautiful decorative find

It's not the most beautiful decorative find in the 20 years that I have been doing this job. But it's the discovery that moves me this week. I am always amazed by objects. So I tell myself every day what the best finds are. This feeling is never linked to the market value of things. Just their beauty.

Here, therefore, a bouquet of 19th century feathers with ties embroidered with gold thread. And Italian silver-plated ex-votos.

@Studio_Aime, deco story

Extract from a wishlist

Studio likes it, we like it for its feed of course, but above all for its stories. They are so well cared for, both in substance and in form, that we are so happy to linger. In fact, they are used as one might use a blog. Every week, Amélie gives us appointments.

On Mondays, for example, she concocts a wish list that inspires us. Color, material, new brands, we find ourselves in each of his ideas. As for the other fixed appointment, it takes place with strangers. She draws us here portraits of interiors in which the focus is not only put on a decoration but also on the personality which inhabits it. In short, Studio Aime is our France 5 house on Instagram and that we love!

Mathias' interior

Good taste according to Amélie
My definition of good taste is to give meaning to things and to have an overall vision. We often talk about harmony, the choice of an object, a color adapted to a space. It is indeed very subjective: the good taste of one person will not be equivalent to another. With interior portraits, I am interested in precisely this dimension.

Her most beautiful decorative find

These hanging lamps, which we have been looking for for a long time. During a short stay in Aix en Provence, we had a crush on entering the shop, they stuck perfectly to the height of the place, both modern and old with the worked brass side. They are sober, and they have found their place. Every week I hunt for pieces on the web for the list of desires, to follow every Monday.