Trois comptes Instagram à suivre #3 - Debongout

Three Instagram accounts to follow #3

Instagram, this wonderful social network where photos and videos immerse us in lives and universes as addictive as a good Netflix series. The discoveries are numerous but it is also easy to get lost. To guide you, I have chosen to offer you a selection of 3 decoration & lifestyle accounts to follow.

@Caroline_De_Balanda's style office

Passion of rugs @atelierfevrier 🤘😎

Instagram account or rather style office, discover Caroline de Balanda, trendy. She imagined it as a magazine with all the people who touch her, who move her and who inspire her on a daily basis. Result: a sharp feed where discoveries abound between designers, artists and sublime places. Inspirations from multiple nationalities that take us on a journey. The account of this passionate about beautiful things is a real source of new ideas, not to mention a fresh and sparkling personality that we guess behind her posts and stories.

Crush for the designers @alliedmaker

Good taste according to Caroline

For me, good taste is above all a state of mind. Listen to yourself, go to the end of your desires and not let yourself be guided by dictates. Invent your own Universe. To feel good, to feel alive. Do not hesitate to think outside the box. Treating yourself to a trinket from Monop or an armchair from Maison Jaune Design (which I adore by the way) is all about feeling.
I like unexpected associations (I'm known for that, by the way, laughter…) I often combine styles, I like to surprise. I wanted my house to be a holiday home, a tribal house, a house to live in and I do my best every day to offer it little "extra" touches that make my friends feel good there (well, they say it!)

Her most beautiful decorative find

my centerpieces are the paintings of my mother, Catherine Delcambre, who is an accomplished artist and whose works fill my heart with joy.

@Audrey5October, the perfect match

I discovered Audrey on Pinterest. I fell in love with her living room which mixed, through a skilful blend, contemporary, ethnic and rustic. In short, a unique style that resembles him. As soon as seen, immediately shared on Instagram. I thus discovered his account with his universe composed of his good taste for decoration and a few moments of his family life. Again, we love these photos of his little cabbages always dressed in a retro chic style of the best taste!

Little Madeleine and her tools

Good taste according to Audrey

Good taste for me is above all not to follow the codes and to do according to oneself.

Her most beautiful decorative find

My most beautiful decorative find is my display cabinet where I store my porcelain dishes made by hand by talented designers.

@Larrangeuse, collect moments not things

Marie Kondo, aka the goddess of tidying up, is the arranger who introduces me to her through the virtues of minimalism. Between folding techniques and good storage ideas, this disciple shows us how you can live in a small apartment with your whole family and still have room in the cupboards! Having only useful things also means less time spent storing or searching; so more quality moments. It is also all the space left to the objects that make us happy, highlighted in a refined interior.

Good taste according to L'arrangeuse

Simplicity and the choice of timelessness... in short, “less is more”

Her most beautiful decorative find

The sublime ceramic brand @epurejustinelacoste discovered on the door market in Ile de Ré. Not only are the creations poetic and perfectly sublime, but they also have the good taste of being handmade, in France, by a charming young couple...