Trois comptes Instagram à suivre #20 - Debongout

Three Instagram accounts to follow #20

Like every month , we tell you about our favorite Instagram accounts. Those who make us dream and inspire us on a daily basis with well-chosen moments of life and authentic decoration ideas . Aurélie shares with us her life in harmony with nature in Burgundy, Chloé makes us want to cook with her and Mathilde makes us (even more) love vintage. And of course, we really liked their personal definition of good taste!

Auréliemazurek , sweet country life

For about ten years now, Aurélie has lived in the Burgundy countryside with her family. And to discover its photos, life is sweet and pleasant! Aurélie tells us about her moments of life surrounded by her children and reveals the decoration of her pretty house. Bouquets of freshly picked flowers, pretty authentic vintage pieces, well-thought-out decorative details... There are many inspirations to draw from here .

Good taste according toAurélie : I think that good taste is a clever mix between the ordinary and the extraordinary. It's also succeeding in doing something pretty with next to nothing!

Chloeandyou , food and decoration ideas

Thanks to her Instagram page, Chloé instantly immerses us in her personal and warm universe . Almost every day, Chloé shares with us her daily life in the Paris region or on a trip to the countryside. We love her shots taken on the spot, her pretty decorating scenes, the vintage finds that she was particularly able to highlight at home and of course, her vegetarian recipes that make you want so much!

Good taste according to Chloé : For me, good taste is above all about harmony. The harmony of colors, materials, fabrics but also the harmony of space, not too busy but not too empty either. We all have our tastes and sensitivities. For my part, I like everything that is natural, raw wood, stone, ceramics, natural fiber fabrics and vintage objects that already have a history.

Maison_mathusalem , the love of vintage

Through her photos, Mathilde shares with us her simple and slow family life surrounded by her partner and her two boys. We also discover the decoration of his apartment furnished and decorated only with antique or second-hand pieces! Vintage is an essential part of his life, which has now become a real ecological and responsible approach. If you weren't yet totally convinced that vintage was stylish, Mathilde should quickly convince you!

Good taste according to Mathilde : I like to think that good taste is subjective, but it may be knowing how to create harmony while joyfully mixing styles to breathe a soul and a very personal note into our interior... Good taste should not be a straitjacket and is also found in the desire to dare, to innovate, to think outside the box, even if it means making mistakes sometimes!