Trois comptes Instagram à suivre #2 - Debongout

Three Instagram accounts to follow #2

Instagram, this wonderful social network where photos and videos immerse us in lives and universes as addictive as a good Netflix series. The discoveries are numerous but it is also easy to get lost. To guide you, I have chosen to offer you a selection of 3 decoration & lifestyle accounts to follow.

@AnnaFiorentino, Jeanne, Lucien & Co

Anna in front of her tapestry @Bienfaitparis

Based in Nantes, Anna, young and pretty mother and founder of, lets us discover her daily life accompanied by her little tribe: Jeanne, her granddaughter born in December, Lucien, her magnificent blond cocker spaniel and Choupie, her adorable cat. What I like best about her is that in decoration as in fashion, she dares pieces with a touch of extravagance. Result: an interior of very good unique taste and with personality! Special mention for the stair climb with a floral tapestry from @bienfaitparis

In Joan's room

For Anna, good taste is

Good taste = simplicity. A simple interior with one or two beautiful pieces that make the difference

His most beautiful decorative find:

My favorite pieces at home are my Ay Illulinate chandelier, my Honore armchair and Lucien's basket 🙈😅

@greenpatchouly, Bohemian lifestyle

Here is the account of Carole, inspired jewelry designer. Her bohemian universe is composed around her pretty creations, her appetizing recipes and her interior with its magnificent white canopy. His compositions vary according to his desires and we never tire of evolving in this bohemian, soft and warm universe where raw wood mixes with linen, rattan and dried flowers. In short, a real little daily pleasure to discover the feed of @greenpatchouly

For Carole, good taste is

The definition of good taste is for me synonymous with simplicity above all, to surround yourself with naturalness through noble materials. It's also knowing how to detect the pretty in your daily life and contemplate it in the smallest details... a shadow on a wall, a particular light, a mix of materials, a flower and to be inspired by it 👌🏻✨

His most beautiful decorative find:

I love my coffee table that I found at a flea market in the Marais 😊

@Colourofmyworld, Mum from the sun

Ingrid in Marrakesh

She was one of my first Instagram discoveries. This sunny account with peach and terracotta tones highlights the complexion of this pretty mother and the eyes of her little Nino. Ingrid's account is also a sure taste for fashion and decoration that we discover over her feed in always successful stagings.

For Ingrid, good taste is

In my opinion, the notion of good taste is subjective. What might be tasteful to me might not be tasteful to another person. I think it depends on each person's personality. In my opinion, having good taste is simply staying true to one's desires and one's vision of beauty, even if it doesn't fit the trend of the moment, even if it's a little too colorful or colorful while the 'we advocate pastel colors and minimalism.
So having good taste is simply staying authentic, and above all not overdoing it.

His most beautiful decorative find:

To be honest, it's still a dream... I've been dreaming since I was a teenager (that's having a mom who loves decorating) to have a beautiful piece to designate, you know the kind of piece that will follow you all your life, which will marry with all your desires, the one that will go through fashions and times, the one that your children will keep because it will make them think of you.

This would be, for example, the EAMES “lounge chair” or a LE CORBUSIER chaise longue.

In fact my best find would be a vintage designer piece from the 60s/70s with a past and a soul 🙏🌿