Trois comptes Instagram à suivre #18 - Debongout

Three Instagram accounts to follow #18

It's time to share our three favorite Instagram accounts of the month! Last time , Lili in Wonderland, Charlotte Gille and 31m2 made us dream... 'a passionate about sustainable decoration (who even created one of the most listened to decoration podcasts…). Follow the leader !

Staging , incredible transformations

Mise en scène is a small architecture and interior design agency created by Quitterie de Pascal. She shares on Instagram her complete renovation projects, her inspirations and her daily site monitoring. What we prefer: the before and after of his achievements where we can realize his talent! We also particularly like the colors chosen, creating refined and always perfectly personalized universes .

Good taste according to Quitterie : Good taste is when beauty seems to be natural. In decoration, it is therefore the right balance, neither too much nor too little, while giving the impression that the objects were always made to be together. Good taste is something beautiful, aesthetic, elegant. "Delicious" in the eyes if we take the word literally!

Deedee Paris , small joys of everyday life

Delphine has been sharing for several years on her Instagram page but also on her blog , all her discoveries and her little tips. We talk about fashion, decoration but also readings or travels... The small dose of daily good humor that does you good! Special mention for the always well thought out weekly mantras.

Good taste according to Delphine : For me, good taste is about feeling good about yourself, aligned with who you are and ignoring what people say, whether it's on Instagram or in real life!

The Brocantist , vintage in the spotlight

Just like us, Elise is a flea market fan :) She created The Brocantist with the aim of sharing ideas and solutions for a more sustainable and responsible decoration. We are talking of course about second hand , but also about decorative inspirations of all kinds and little wise advice. The Brocantist is also a decoration podcast that goes out to meet the personalities who make the decoration of today... And that we strongly advise you!

Good taste according to Elise : In my opinion, good taste is simply not to live beyond your means, nor above those of the planet!