Trois comptes Instagram à suivre #14 - Debongout

Three Instagram accounts to follow #14

This week, I'm talking to you about three beauty pros, one decor stylist, the other illustrator and the latest decor journalist. Expect to be amazed with these three accounts of enthusiasts and to have their idea of ​​the good taste which, apparently, is also found at Emmaus :D

Instagram, this wonderful social network where photos and videos immerse us in lives and universes as addictive as a good Netflix series. The discoveries are numerous but it is also easy to get lost. To guide you, I offer you a selection of 3decoration & lifestyle accounts to follow.

@LaConserverieDeNyons , atypical resort

The exterior of the cannery ☀

Here's an account I've followed since Debongout started on Instagram. This former canning workshop, located in Nyons in the Drôme Provençale, has now become a superb atypical vacation spot thanks to its former life. The hostess, Frédérique from the Lille region, shares this marvel with the guests she receives there.

On her feed, she also tells us about her favorites or her many travels. In France or in Ibiza for work, or in India for pleasure, we dream in front of the beauty and the composition of his photos. No doubt a passion that has become a vocation since Frédérique is a decoration stylist for various brands...

An account to discover through his eyes and his talent for this double passion for decoration / photography!

Good taste according to @LaConserverieDeNyons

Good taste for me is not a question of price or age. What is in bad taste today may be in good taste tomorrow. I have a preference for interiors that have a soul, made up of a mixture of objects from all eras but in simple shapes and noble materials. In my job, I have to stage products that are not necessarily in good taste in my eyes but which nevertheless have a clientele. All the difficulty is to highlight them. Taste is very subjective, the whole thing is to assume it.

Her most beautiful decorative find

My latest find comes from Emmaus as often. It's a batch of glazed Alsatian crockery, very old-fashioned (kitsch for some) but which inspired me a lot with its colors and patterns from Eastern countries. In this photo, we also find a tablecloth unearthed in India this winter.

His favorite piece Debongout

The picot bed, a timeless one that I have had for more than 15 years and is now installed in Nyons in the garden. It no longer has its original canvas, I replaced it while waiting with boards...

@ EmmaAndCo , the family notebook

Portrait of this superb little family

Welcome to Emma, ​​Auguste, Rose and Eugene.

The London daily life of this small family is enhanced by the eyes of this illustrator artist mother. Photos more beautiful than each other and which also have this little thing more: a sweet mixture of love and poetry that we find in each of the narrations.

No doubt because the talented Emma tells us here with authenticity about her family life. In fact, this feed is fun to see and read because it comforts and reassures us.

The other reason for this feeling is undoubtedly the beauty of this "home sweet home" with English charm and French elegance where every detail deserves attention.

An adorable little family to follow over the seasons and their adventures!

Waiting for Eugene...

Good taste according to @EmmaAndCo

Contrary to popular belief, good taste is a universal concept that applies independently of trends, fashions, and individual tastes, which for their part are constantly changing (for example, my mother-in-law's decor, than very classic, is in good taste).
Good taste stems from an innate (but perfectible) ability to dissociate the beautiful from the ugly, to make the right choices and the right combinations of colors, shapes, and materials that will arouse interest, a pleasant emotion.
This is what I look for in my illustration work as well as in decoration.

Her most beautiful decorative find

Hands in metal and porcelain unearthed at a second-hand dealer and which come from an old glove factory.

His favorite piece Debongout

Basile, the cot I would put in my hallway next to my coat rack!

@Madame_Decore, inspire, decorate!

Béatrice's dining room by Emaus 👌🏻

Deco, lifestyle, plant addict, vintage, travel, DIY, here are Béatrice's passions so I might as well tell you that we don't stubble around here! So we don't get bored 🤗

An account that was recommended to me by many of you and I understand why. Journalist and decorating blogger, Madame Decore is one of the references of the Instagram "socio-sphere" thanks to her account and her blog on which she gives her informed points of view in terms of decoration. You can find some of his inspirations, his decoration advice or visits to houses and apartments, each more inspiring than the next.

A perfect combo with her feed, on which she confides more regularly by sharing her interior, her mood or her favorites of the moment.

A whole always accompanied by photos which alone perfectly sum up his universe: a clever mix of plants, patinas and perfectly measured accumulation. All you have to do is get inspired!

Here, the dining room of @coqhotelparis , or the art of mixing old and contemporary

Good taste according to @Madame_decore

A tasteful object is an object that combines simplicity of lines and pretty materials: it must tell a story, whether through the imperfections of its manufacture or the patina due to the passage of time!

Her most beautiful decorative find

This is a cushion from the heritage studio brand that I really like...

His favorite piece Debongout

The Melchior candlestick and its delicate streaks...