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Three Instagram accounts to follow #27

This week, we continue our favorite series of three accounts to follow for the greatest pleasure of decoration lovers! Three Instagrammers who stand out with their original and personalized Insta feeds. Inspired by their everyday environments, they transport us between renovation of an old house and ever more surprising decorative innovation. Are you ready to go on an adventure? Let's go !

Contemporary style, we present to you lesensdubeau !

Anne Laure, better known under the Instagram nickname lesensdubeau transports us directly to her very own contemporary universe , transmitted by her more than inspiring Instagram profile! We love the different interiors she shares with passion. “From chic to classicism associated with the design of contemporary furniture” as she says so well! Added to this is a perfectly conceptualized blog where she shares blog posts, lookbooks and meetings with influencers. We would like to spend the whole day there… 😍

Good taste according to Anne-Laure : I have “my sense of beauty” which is not necessarily that of others. I don't claim to have the right taste… especially since tastes change over time. My taste today may not be tomorrow's. It is therefore difficult for me to give you my definition of “good taste”. Moreover, François de la Rochefoucauld said: “good taste comes more from judgment than from the mind”. Accepting the difference without judging, maybe that's finally "good taste"...😋

Lola.valerie , a great passion for renovation!

Valérie ( lola.valerie on Instagram) sets the pace and gives us the desire to renovate everything without stopping! When we discover the renovation of his old house of 350m2, we are immediately impressed! This account aims to share the work of this beautiful residence where they carry out everything themselves with attention to detail and respect for old materials. They mainly try to sublimate the soul of the place and to preserve their history through its renovation . The centerpiece of their decoration is the house itself, because all their choices are guided by the soothing and family atmosphere that it inspires, with its mixture of genres, its little English side and its large openings on the garden… Another subject that is meant to be inspiring and that gives rise to a great desire for change!

Good taste according to Valérie : Finally, good taste, I would say, is the ability to create a timeless harmony without being tied to trends and the total look. It's knowing how to break away from codes and offer a universe that has a personality that is both unique and obvious.

A big fan of vintage, here is milkandhomefamily

On her milkandhomefamily Instagram account, Alexandra shares with us her great passion which is the second hand! If she had to describe her Instagram account, she would say that it represents the perpetual waltz of her furniture and objects . She doesn't get used to anything because there is always a new china to turn everything upside down. She is particularly sensitive to the experiences of objects, likes to imagine their past life and let them tell their story in their new setting. Another flea market fan as we love it!

Good taste according to Alexandra : I would say that good taste is an emotion that transports you to your ideal, each to their own. For me, it has simplicity, authenticity and a slice of apple pie 🍏