Qui est Basile ? - Debongout

Who is Basil?

A piece from before, with robust wood and iron frames slightly stained by time. Basil is our camp bed . Its patina tells us a story, that of child explorers who set out for a few days to conquer new adventures. It is among the scouts of France or the lay scouts (call them as you like) that they were unearthed to finance their trip at the end of the year. What a crush on this style marked by time and this simple and practical design!

How can you imagine it at home?

The main advantages of Basile is that it is suitable for both indoors and outdoors, that it folds and stores easily!

Decorated with a few cushions, a sheepskin, its burlap blends perfectly with linen, cotton or wool. Also dare to use color and flowers to enhance it! Whether on a bench in the living room or to take a nap in the sun, Basile is one of the flagship vintage pieces of this first collection, a real favorite ♥️

Have a nice week everyone and always scout ✌🏻