Découvrez nos nouvelles lampes baladeuses Paulette - Debongout

Discover our new Paulette portable lamps

You still love our Paulette portable lamps , the pendant version of our Colette. Good news, a big restocking has arrived at the showroom and on our eshop . They dress all the rooms of the house while perfectly personalizing the atmosphere... you will love them!

Our Paulette pendant lights are made up of mottled vintage glass globes , mounted with a gold metal socket and a braided fabric cord. They are assembled in France, by a craftsman who rethinks their look as well as their entire electrical system, perfectly modernized. We love their fully assumed vintage look. Paulette works just as well in a modern interior with clean lines, as it does alongside other antique pieces .

If you're looking for inspiration to showcase your Paulette lamp in your home, here are some great ideas:

_ In the kitchen, suspended along a wall . Wrap his son around a peg, a hook or a bracket fixed to the wall...

_ In the living room, above the dining table (you can even install several if you have a large Romy farmhouse table). Your Paulette floats deliciously while creating the perfect subdued atmosphere for your dinner parties.

_ In the bedroom, placed delicately on the corner of your bedside table or your fireplace. They are positioned according to their shape and thus create a nice little source of warm light.

    Many Paulette lamps are already available on our eshop and in the showroom , come and discover them and make your choice at 4 rue Martel, Paris 10th !