Nos collaborations rythment nos collections - Debongout

Our collaborations punctuate our collections

To ensure that each of our collections is unique, we collaborate with artists whose work and vision we love. They bring their personal and authentic touch, and thus perfectly complement our lines of objects.

The seventies inspirations of our new Back to Cool collection led us to the sublime work of the Dutch painter Alewijn Don . Abstract designs composed of carefully chosen shapes, curves and colors, perfectly reflecting the graphic and elegant style that corresponded to our desires for this collection. We have collaborated together to bring you three printed versions of his paintings. Adopted alone or in triptych, they bring just the right amount of sophistication to your decoration.

It is also an opportunity to (re)talk to you about our other artistic collaborations, each of which has left its mark on our different collections. For Lovers , we chose Apolline Thibault . We also showed you his way of working on a daily basis in a little report made in Debongout 🤩 His warm colors and the softness of his features won us over. Apolline has imagined Lovers in her own way, offering you a triptych of colorful works highlighting women and love.

We also loved working with Clémence for the Lazy Day collection a year ago already (the beginnings of Debongout, and yes…). Illustrations drawn in one line for a fine and elegant rendering, but also well-chosen quotes to create duos mixing drawing and writing. A very refined and inspirational style, the perfect little gift to offer.

Finally, we have also thought of the little ones in the Bébéland collection. Bernard the fox, Gaston the hedgehog, Gisèle the giraffe and the others... delicately make up the children's room. These little colorful touches full of sweetness were imagined by Sandrine Veillet , a passionate mum, just for us!

All these illustrations , designed exclusively for you throughout our collections, are still available on our e-shop. Check them out and tell us which are your favorites ✨