Le tapis kilim, un incontournable de la décoration ! - Debongout

The kilim rug, a decoration essential!

A beautiful colorful kilim rug in the middle of the living room... that changes everything! These unique pieces, full of authenticity, are now essential in interior decoration. It is for this reason that we wanted to integrate some into our collections. Our Eddy rugs can be found in all the rooms of the house and fit perfectly alongside our new and second-hand pieces. We tell you their story.

A brief history of the Kilim rug

The tradition of the kilim rug dates back more than ten thousand years. Originally they were used to protect the floor of yurts and mosques. The (true) kilim rugs are made in the Near East region by different sedentary, semi-nomadic or nomadic peoples, each with a unique style. Ours come from Pakistan, for example.

They are woven by hand from natural materials such as wool or goat hair. The colors and patterns used are remnants of ancient traditions and beliefs . The designs change according to the tribes and the villages, which makes it possible to know the origin of the kilim or the ethnic group having manufactured it. Each carpet is thus an absolutely unique work. The manufacture of the kilim is distinguished from that of other carpets by its embroidery which is carried out flat instead of being tied.

A rug always up to date

We like the kilim for its history full of traditions and for its unique and timeless color combinations . It imposes itself as a strong piece and is chosen with as much attention as a piece of furniture. He sets the tone!

The kilim rug can feature sober or bright colors , as well as simple basic lines or, on the contrary, a multitude of patterns. It's up to you to choose the perfect model for your interior, according to your tastes but also the desired style and the furniture and accessories that already make up your room. At Debongout, we offer new kilim rugs throughout the year, depending on arrivals. Each piece is unique in its dimensions, colors and patterns. Their name is Eddy and watch out, they go fast 😇

Some ideas to highlight your kilim

The advantage of the kilim rug is that it can take place in different places inside. Here are some ideas for finding the perfect place for it:

_ In the living room, of course, placed as a strong room in the middle of the room . Alongside a neutral or colored sofa, under a wooden, rattan or marble coffee table , it will have its small effect.

_ In the bedroom, the kilim rug is placed next to the bed (to enjoy it as soon as you get up) or at the end of the bed if the room is large enough. Only small constraint: choose the right color of bed linen to associate with.

_ The kilim rug is also the perfect decorative element to dress up an entrance . With its bright colors, it brings character to this space that is often difficult to showcase.

_ We also love the idea of ​​placing a small kilim in the bathroom. Not very fragile, pleasant for the feet (even wet), it warms up and gives life to this room .

_ You can also display your kilim rug directly on the wall. If it is worth the detour, it will, for example, make a magnificent headboard.