Le prix du bon goût. - Debongout

The price of good taste.

When I buy a product, I admit it without blushing, the price is a determining factor.

I am not attached to having a product of such a brand because it feels good. I like simple things but with style, of good quality and above all accessible in price, for the freedom of use that it gives, to enjoy it and change it without feeling guilty.

When I created Debongout . The challenge was precisely to offer a selection of chic and affordable decoration, regularly renewed, without taking people for idiots on the prices as is the case in the current decoration industry.

Make good taste no longer a luxury, that's what we tried to do from this first collection. In the future, it may be other French products, from Africa or anywhere else in the world as soon as they are produced with respect for nature and people, whether they have this little thing in addition and above all that their price remains consistent with the work required to produce them. Bring more meaning to it all, I hope to make it happen with you ⭐️

And for you, what is the determining factor when you buy something?