Debongout, le nom était trouvé ! - Debongout

Debongout, the name was found!

September 2017, after several months of work, our apartment is finally delivered! The coolest part of the layout was about to begin! I've never been into an overpriced or over-the-top designer piece. I like simple, pretty things, in tune with the times but with a touch of originality to remain unique. As I had done during the works or for the preparation of our wedding the same year, I started to hunt, compare and even tinker! Our home thus took shape, quickly and without breaking the bank.

One evening when the idea of ​​becoming an entrepreneur had been floating around in my head for some time, sitting on my sofa, I realized that no object around me had cost me more than €500 including the sofa. I also noticed that no brand of decoration for the general public offered a mix of new and vintage objects, whereas this corresponds to the way we furnish ourselves today, with more responsible consumption by choosing objects that tell a story. The existing offer was limited to products that were often expensive for mediocre quality and of mysterious origin. Not to mention the fact that five years later we would find the same products in the same endless catalogs.

And if the solution was precisely to offer a line of decoration with a clear origin, constantly renewed, affordable and always in good taste? Debongout, the name was found!

Debongout was thus born with the desire to make your job easier, to find unique pieces, whether antique, new or handcrafted and which correspond to the way we consume today, more responsible and looking for unique pieces. Debongout is therefore regular capsule collections, inspired by moments in life such as an evening with friends, a Sunday morning or even a summer lunch, those moments when you feel good and when you want to to be surrounded by pretty things. Each collection contains few pieces to allow exclusivity on the product but always accessible because today good taste is no longer a luxury.