Tout pour créer une chambre cosy ! - Debongout

Everything to create a cozy bedroom!

The rays of the spring sun gradually enter your interior, reflecting delicately on everything that makes up the decoration. With the arrival of sunny days, we all dream of a cozy little cocoonas a bedroom , where to bask in long afternoons. Think about your decoration to make you feel good there and of course, that it corresponds to your desires and your way of life. Here are our tips for a cozy and pleasant interior. It's up to you to choose your favorite ideas!

Centerpiece of the bedroom, often placed in the middle of the room, the bed deserves to be pampered. With light walls, the color is essential for the bedding ! Elsa is our little favorite thanks to her warm color and her very soft touch. Combine it with Pierrot, Emile or Paolo to create the perfect combo: a cocooning rest area as desired, which catches the eye. The plaid , placed at the end of the bed (or on the back of an armchair), is the little final touch that changes everything.

Mahdi, the big basket

To dress up the space while taking advantage of small storage spaces in the bedroom, bet on one of our favorite accessories, the basket . They also allow you to maintain consistency between the colors and the materials that you want to be soft and natural .

This is when the Mahdi basket makes its debut! Large and generous, you can fit all the objects that lie around and that you don't prefer to see on a daily basis, but also Maël and Armel cushions that bring a little spring touch to the atmosphere. Also bet on Eden and Kalem , our small cotton baskets that are very practical for all uses.

Boris, the sheepskin

An element as decorative as it is useful, the Zacharie bench finds its place everywhere: at the end of the bed, at the bedside, as an occasional piece of furniture to display an old mirror ... We love its natural side which goes perfectly with a light sheepskin . Boris is an essential whatever the season ! This sheepskin can be used both as a bedside rug and as a decoration on any kind of seat.

To finalize the decoration of your room, play on natural materials . Jute, rattan and palm are the perfect allies! It is very easy to imagine a pretty round Gaspard jute rug on the floor, Pamela wall decorations (as a headboard for example) or a Rachel pendant lamp to dress up the space... But also some Mireille cane boxes and our flower crown dried Alicia , voila!