Un goûter dans le temps, notre évènement Debongout - Debongout

A snack in time, our Debongout event

A taste of time ... Come and witness our unique experience! Travel back in time by discovering the history of the appearance of coffee, tea and chocolate from the Orient to France. You can enjoy a pastry snack in a setting inspired by old-fashioned bourgeois interiors...

The snack of coffee, tea and chocolate is first inspired by the practices of countries such as Egypt and the Ottoman Empire for coffee, China, Japan and India for tea and Mexico for chocolate. Between the 16th and 19th century these exotic drinks arrived in Europe and appealed to all populations. Café houses are flocking to France, more particularly to Paris. Tea is consumed in lady’s “salons”. While chocolate is the guilty pleasure of crowned heads such as Madame de Sévigné and Marie Antoinette.

In French factories, oriental models are copied. Most often we use tea cups from China and Japan. The repertoire of new Western forms gradually developed during the 18th century. Thanks to these new social practices, we saw the birth of the apogee of earthenware factories, such as those of Nevers, Marseille, Moustiers, Rouen, then in the 18th century, the appearance of porcelain made Limoges and Vincennes/Sèvres successful. , participating in the development of new objects…

A snack through time invites you to discover the history of these exotic drinks and the objects that accompany them : from the Japanese teapot to the art deco coffee maker; travel back in time through tableware that tells the story of our heritage.

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On the menu, Turkish coffee, chocolates and teas prepared the old-fashioned way by the chocolatier Jadis et Gourmande , accompanied by delicious Liberté Paris pastries ☕🥧

Everything will be served in pretty earthenware inspired by the tableware of the Ottoman world, Japanese and Chinese porcelain, Rouen earthenware, “bona china” from England and other influences that tell the story of the mixtures. cultures between East and West.

At the end of your tasting, you will have the opportunity to buy the dishes on which you tasted these refined dishes, to order the table on which you ate or to acquire the pretty chair found by Carla, our flea market buyer. and organizer of this great event ⚡