Georges, Léonie, Hector, Octave… On vous parle de nos intemporels ! - Debongout

Georges, Léonie, Hector, Octave… We are talking to you about our timeless!

You have rediscovered them on our new site, our timeless now have a page just for them. You liked these small pieces of furniture and everyday accessories so much that we decided to keep them and offer them to you throughout the year. They dress your interior without false note, for a decoration of good taste. New pieces but also antiques, it's time for presentations.

Georges, the old mirror

Our founder Claire's favorite piece! Georges the old mirror is a timeless item that can be found both in interiors with a vintage look and in more contemporary ones with refined decoration. Georges goes through the ages while remaining a centerpiece , which we cannot separate. It retains its place of choice: above the fireplace, but can also have its small effect on a beautiful piece of furniture or directly on the floor.

Léonie, the wooden coffee table

For us, the coffee table is above all user-friendly. And nothing like raw wood to create a warm atmosphere . Léonie is the perfect little table , easy to adopt and which slips discreetly into any living room. We love it for its unique little details (its drawer, its handle, its feet which are always different…) and above all because it is not fragile.

Lucienne, the vintage trunk

Lucienne is a traveler! This vintage trunk has traveled miles before ending up in your home, for a well-deserved rest. It has kept its traces of time (labels with the name of its former owners for example) and that is what makes it so charming. From now on, Lucienne is ready for a new life, less tiring: to welcome your books and magazines, your household linen or your children's toys.

Louise, the vintage hairdresser

Louise the hairdresser is one of those pieces that instantly add character to the space. A little secret: that's why I particularly like it. Placed in an entrance, bedroom or living room, this revisited console table will not go unnoticed. We love its small details which make it a rare piece , with a style that is always well assumed. The hairdresser of yesteryear is back in service!

Zacharie, the teak bench

You probably already know our Zacharie recycled teak benches. Available in four different sizes, they fit in all rooms of the house. Stool at the end of the table, small occasional seat, bedside table… We like Zacharie for his country style. No doubt, it is a timeless.

Hector and Octave, the glass soliflores

Hector and Octave are inseparable. These glass soliflores are the perfect little delicate touch to dress up your shelves or your coffee table. Slip in some fresh or dried flowers, they will have their little effect for sure.

Auguste, the woven armchair

With its sleek look with straight lines, Auguste catches the eye. Teak for the structure and braided leather (black or brown) for the seat and backrest, we love its ethnic side which makes it a remarkable seat . It takes place in the middle of the living room or in the corner of a bedroom, and in addition, you will not find it more comfortable.

Luna, the disco ball

Since we discovered Luna at Debongout, we can't get enough of it (Caroline, our dear purchasing manager, even elected it as her favorite piece and adopted it for her home)! This disco ball is the perfect little accessory to easily pimp up the decor of a room . Put it on a piece of furniture or a window sill, and when the sun is reflected on it it's even better, it offers a real bath of light.

Melchior the candlestick, Félix the marble pedestal table, Odile the bedside table, Colette the vintage lamp... Many other timeless ones are waiting for you now on our site!