Debongout s'installe au Printemps Haussmann ! - Debongout

Debongout is moving to Printemps Haussmann!

We told you that we were preparing some nice surprises for the start of 2022... Well here is one of the most beautiful and promising! Debongout is very proud to take place in one of the most prestigious "department stores" in the capital: Printemps Haussmann 🤩 Two places in Paris, twice as many good reasons to come and discover our selections and meet our team!

From today and until the summer, Debongout is settling on the 7th floor of Printemps Mode Femme, under the dome. This place simultaneously hosts many brands that are symbols of eco-responsibility, each highlighting, each in their own way, new modes of consumption ✨☘️ Made in Design, Tilli, Relic, Bonag... each brand occupies a small wooden hut built under this majestic canopy. A space that deserves a look, just for its architecture (not to mention the incredible view of all of Paris from the adjoining terrace)!

Come and discover our selection made up of our prettiest products, our timeless ones, but above all carefully chosen second-hand items… some of which have been picked up exclusively for Printemps! The Debongout team welcomes you there every day, from Monday to Sunday, to advise you and tell you about our nuggets and their history. We are looking forward to you ⚡

Printemps Haussmann Women's Fashion - 7th floor - open every day, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.!