Debongout se lance pour les pros ! - Debongout

Debongout launches for the pros!

Already 3 years that Debongout exists and delights its customers looking for pretty decorations and perfect nuggets! We are very proud to announce that we now offer a new branch dedicated to the development of professional spaces ❤️ 🔥

This offer is dedicated to all professionals in search of meaning and authenticity! We offer you the opportunity to transform your workplaces (often standardized) into living spaces that look like you, according to your desires, your needs and your way of working.

We therefore invite you to discover the brand new layout made by Debongout from the start-up Zelty , a payment system for restaurants . Zelty called on us to completely redecorate their Paris office . The brief was simple and clear: stick to the DNA of the company and find the warm soul of a restaurant far from the often sanitized spaces of the competition. 

Challenge accepted ! It is up to us to create a warm and friendly atmosphere thanks to exceptional pieces. To fit out the relaxation area, we opted for a mottled counter with a perfect patina around which to meet as a team or receive customers.

Our Achille and Auguste armchairs take place in different places in the open space in order to offer places to settle down comfortably for a call or to wait before an appointment. We have also redesigned the kitchen area by providing everything you need to meet and enjoy a moment of relaxation.

Each space has been reworked, redecorated and rearranged to best suit their needs and desires.

Our team is already in the starting blocks to answer all your questions and provide you with the advice you need. For more information on our offers and our way of working, you can contact or call us on 06 75 28 57 13.

We now leave you in the hands of Clément-Baptiste, the founder of the brand, who will explain to you in more detail his request and his desires. We hope that this will inspire you and make you want to experience your workplaces differently… Enjoy your discovery!