Yvan, la nouvelle pièce d'édition Debongout - Debongout

Yvan, the new Debongout edition piece

A "little" new one has arrived at Debongout... Yvan le divan is our new creation 💖
After the Achille and Jean armchairs and their little sister Jeanne , we present to you the one that accompanies you for a lifetime and evolves in your interior to the rhythm of your desires.

We have been thinking about the perfect sofa for several months. A revisited daybed made of an ultra-sophisticated line to remind us of the origins of minimal vintage.
It takes its place in the living room as well as in any living room, the room as master piece.

Made of solid teak, its oiled and unvarnished finishes keep the matte appearance of the wood. Each piece is selected to maintain optimum quality in the grain and natural lines of the wood, particularly visible on the backrest with its entire planks. Not to mention a 100% cotton seat with the perfect high density!


When we imagined Yvan, we thought of every detail in a minimalist spirit , right down to the back of his backrest. A space as aesthetic as practical to install its small decoration.


On its shelf, you leave your glass for the evening and in the afternoon, you lie down there while playing the cushions. A deliberately refined look and above all a string quality for its 2m15 of pure elegance.

Like all our editions, our Yvan sofas are made in Indonesia, with recognized know-how on teak furniture. The wood comes from the island of Java labeled SVLK , a label that fights against deforestation (and of course, the craftsmen who work on the products are all employed and insured.)

Our Yvan is waiting for you on our e-shop , currently at an exclusive price
(because we really want to please you) 🌟