Comment donner du cachet à votre salon ? - Debongout

How to give character to your living room?

For a bold decoration, the secret is to bet on a strong piece. The Auguste armchair is one of our timeless pieces of furniture, just like Félix the pedestal table or Zacharie the small bench . We immediately loved it for its pretty natural materials and its perfect look in its simplicity . We tell you its story and we give you some tips to highlight it in your home sweet home!

Augustus, made in Indonesia

Auguste is one of our two iconic armchairs. Just like Achille , it is handmade by artisans in Indonesia. Its teak structure is surmounted by a leather braiding, cane or checkerboard style . What we love: the combination of these two natural materials that blend perfectly together. Made entirely by hand, each armchair is a unique piece .

Another advantage that makes it a remarkable piece, Auguste has generous dimensions and a perfect arch ! Neither too straight nor too elongated, enough to make it the ideal seat for a moment of relaxation or an evening shared with friends.

An easy-to-adopt chair

With his perfect appearance, Auguste can have several lives. This timeless piece instantly stands out as a remarkable piece, regardless of its place in the house.

For it to have its small effect, install it in the middle of the living room, proudly enthroned alongside a beautiful sofa and an old coffee table, for example. Auguste has the advantage of being associated with both modern decor and vintage. Its small ethnic side allows it to work wonderfully in the middle of a bohemian atmosphere, alongside other elements in natural materials (a rattan armchair, a linen plaid, etc.). You can also mix the different colours , an intense black model and another deep brown, in order to give rhythm to the general look of the room.

This seat in natural materials is also suitable for the bedroom, to be installed in a prominent place in a corner of the room (provided you have the space). Add one or two small cushions to make it even cozier. Stylish and comfortable!