Bois, marbre, cuir… comment les entretenir ? - Debongout

Wood, marble, leather… how to maintain them?

If you treat yourself to a new Odile bedside table, a Léonie coffee table or an Achille armchair to furnish your interior, it is important to know how to take care of it so that it accompanies you throughout your life (or almost ). Maintaining the wood, embellishing the leather, sublimating the marble… We give you some simple advice so that your nuggets benefit even more from their new life by your side.

Wood, a simple and natural maintenance

Wood is a delicate material, especially when it comes to antique furniture . Walnut, teak, fir, hazel, all woods have their little particularities. For basic but essential maintenance, we recommend that you first feed the wood regularly with wax and a soft cloth. In the event of a stain, simply use lukewarm water and Marseille soap or black soap, without rubbing too hard. Hop, your Odile bedside table is leaving for a new life! Linseed oil is the perfect ally for restoring a warm color to the wood.

Leather, a fragile material that requires some precautions

Leather is a noble material, often used in interior decoration for exceptional sofas and armchairs (like our Achille for example!). To keep your leather in good condition, the important thing is to feed it regularly, which will also protect it. Use a simple cleansing milk or a natural moisturizer.

If you have accidentally made a small stain on your Achille chair, be aware that you should never rub hard and insist on a specific place at the risk of creating irreversible cracks or damaging the color! Instead, take a soft sponge, water and a little soap. This will also restore the shine to the leather .

Marble, a solid but delicate stone

We like marble for its distinguished side. We like it in small touches, both in the kitchen for a worktop and in the living room for a coffee table or in the bedroom for the top of a small bedside table. At first glance, its appearance may suggest that it is particularly solid… it is in fact a delicate material that does not really appreciate stains! Indeed, marble is porous and therefore difficult to clean. Our first advice will be to treat it immediately, so that the stains do not become encrusted .

To clean a marble top, nothing could be simpler. Take a damp cloth (not too wet because the marble is not fond of water) and gently clean your surface with a natural soap such as black soap or Marseille soap. To vary your maintenance, it is also possible to use Meudon white (particularly effective in removing dirt from marble) or clay stone with a damp sponge.

Finally, to make your marble furniture shine, linseed oil is always very practical and easy to use . We also recommend special marble wax or a mixture of water and baking soda. On the other hand, we forget bleach and alcohol which could damage your marble.

Cotton and linen, easy-care essentials

Plaids, cushions, bed linen, many of your pieces of household linen are surely made of cotton or linen. Their common point? These two materials are very easy to maintain. Elsa for example, our cotton gauze bedding set is machine washable at 60 degrees, just like linen. Then, no need to use an iron, these fluid and light materials do not need it: what we love is precisely their wrinkled side! Linen is a flexible fabric that does not stay in place. It lives and evolves as it is used. It is very resistant and even has the advantage of improving over time , without any special maintenance!