Comment aménager sa terrasse pour en profiter même après l’été ? - Debongout

How to arrange your terrace to enjoy it even after the summer?

The terrace is often considered as a living room in its own right. We like to escape there, pamper it and arrange it. We love having our breakfasts there in the summer, relaxing there while reading a good book or having a good time with our friends during a festive evening. Whether we have a large terrace in the city or in the countryside, there are many possibilities available to us to dress it up and give it character. Furniture, accessories, lighting, plants, Debongout. shares her tips for transforming your outdoor space into a real cocoon and enjoying it all year round.

Dress the terrace with comfortable furniture

What is the must-have of a terrace if not a garden furniture to be able to sunbathe, as soon as it points the tip of its nose, in complete relaxation? Do you want to create a bohemian atmosphere? Opt for rattan armchairs and camp beds as a bench. You can even easily make a bench seat out of wooden pallets to add a recycled spirit touch. Fancy a rather cozy terrace? Install rugs on the floor, a few poufs and cushions. A very good alternative perfectly suited to a cozy and relaxed evening with friends.

Decorate the table well for the pleasure of the eyes

Is your outdoor space big enough? Nothing like a good lunch on the terrace to share a convivial moment with the people you love. Well decorated, your table will give pep to the decoration. For a meal with friends, no fuss, keep it simple. A few flowers, colorful plates, baskets of crunchy vegetables and a few boards of tapas around a good drink will be enough to delight your guests. Planning a romantic moonlit evening? Choose soft colors. Arrange white candles and a few copper candlesticks, a table runner, and linen napkins . Are you hosting for a special occasion? It's time to take out your most beautiful dinner service and decorate your table with pretty bouquets.

Enhance the space by illuminating the terrace

Enjoy your terrace during summer evenings by lighting the space to create the best possible atmosphere. The light garlands and lights will provide you with warm and friendly lighting as well as a brightness intense enough to enjoy your dinners. If you are looking for more mood lighting, opt for lanterns , lanterns or even solar lighting. Arranged in the plants, the latter will allow you to highlight them in a clever way.

Have fun with a beautiful decoration on the terrace

Furnish your city or garden terrace according to your tastes and desires. The idea is to create a place that looks like you and where you feel good. You can, for example, have a few demijohns , paintings or even a mirror to enlarge the space if necessary. Why not also distribute small warm white LED light garlands under a few glass domes . Very discreet and warm, they will bring a touch of elegance to your decoration.

Beautify the patio with plants

Creating a plant oasis on its terrace, in addition to being very aesthetic, brings serenity to the place. Many possibilities are available to you: pots on feet , plants suspended or on the ground, a plant wall, planters and even small birdcages to add a romantic side to your terrace. We also like the wicker flowerpots that sublimate the plants with style. Don't have a green thumb? Instead, turn to plants that do not require a lot of maintenance. Cactus, yucca, succulents will be perfect. Do not hesitate to multiply the containers for an urban jungle effect.

You now have some ways to enhance your terrace. Up to you !