Pendant une soirée entre amis... - Debongout

During an evening with friends...

When I was going around in circles in my pretty employee's cage, I was dreaming. I dreamed of the famous “dream job”. I was aware that to have a job that did not seem to be one, you first had to know what made me vibrate.

Clearly, I like to unearth! No way to fill my cupboards with useless things! When I need something, I love to go in search of the unique object. The elegant but unpretentious little thing that will cause a stir. The one that makes me happy when I see it because I know it's pretty, quality and it didn't ruin me :D.

But above all, I like to enjoy the moment! Yes, of course, we must prepare for the future and learn from the past. But still, the present moment is what makes you happy, isn't it?

The "dream job" could not simply be to sell my decorative finds online. It was necessary to bring a little more soul and authenticity to all this. So why not build each decorative collection around moments of life? Those moments that make us happy: a weekend breakfast, a game in the children's room, an evening with friends and good wine. It is around these moments that I wanted to build Debongout. So that each of the objects in a collection brings us to life or reminds us of one of these moments.

At home, we love to receive, to be surrounded by our friends, with a little background music and clinking glasses. You know, those evenings we spend remaking the world around the coffee table in the living room with good wine and little things to nibble on. It is therefore quite naturally that the theme of this first collection was built around these evenings with friends.

Here, there are no plates or cutlery, conviviality and sharing take precedence. So we opt for good things presented on cutting boards, pretty glass jars, beautiful and large linen napkins or even comfortable cushions against which to lean. We had to imagine the decor of this evening as we like to live it, in a subdued atmosphere, surrounded by objects that tell us stories because they are well produced, they have a story or they are made. by enthusiasts.

It is also thanks to my friends that this project exists. This first collection is also a way to say thank you to them because it was during these evenings that they made me gain confidence and helped me to take the plunge and get started.