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Welcome to Billie Blanket!

The last time, it was Emilie from Sweet Cabane who opened the doors of her little Parisian cocoon to us. This week it's time for Billie Blanket, the high priestess of the decoration blog. It's impossible not to miss his decorating visits and advice, endorsed by ELLE Magazine in person! Laeticia welcomes us to her home, in her pretty house in the Paris region. Suffice to say that as soon as you arrive in the garden and the view of the facade covered with Virginia creeper in autumn colors, you say to yourself that we too would live well in the middle of this haven of peace (and Booba even more so)! A large living room bathed in light overlooking the garden, a small patio with a cozy atmosphere, a colorful bedroom nestled under the roof… Each space is a mix of vintage and contemporary designed with accuracy and originality.

Laetitia, can you introduce yourself? Where are we ?

I am a little better known under the name of Billie Blanket which is also that of the blog that I created , of the insta account and even of the brand since I also create. I have been living in this house located in the suburbs of Paris for 8 years now with Édouard and our 3 children, César (19 years old), Marguerite (17 years old) and Vadim (7 years old).

What were your first desires for your interior?

We fell in love with this house when we visited it. We immediately knew it was her. We left Paris, we passed the ring road but for such a house, all anxiety disappeared. We found such a quality of life there! The house had been built 7 years earlier by people who had great taste, so we left everything as it was but we obviously brought our style and our colors. I'm a bit of a color freak… So the first desire was to put colors everywhere . We have changed several times since then!

How did you furnish and accessorize it?

We kept most of the furniture we already had. My husband and I have the same tastes. The same desires. He also works in decoration (at Maison Sarah Lavoine ). On the accessory side, it changes more often than the furniture. The cushions, the color of the armchairs, the lamps… when you have a real crush and you feel that an accessory really needs to be changed, let's go! But we avoid excessive consumption and we prefer the second hand as much. We hunt and we also recovered a lot of furniture and family heirlooms . They have so much more soul. But I don't spit on the contemporary. With little touches it's perfect.

Where do you find your inspirations?

Everywhere ! I look up. In nature, in exhibitions in general or in beautiful films and beautiful photos, spending the night in front of a lighted house... But obviously also in decoration magazines and on Instagram. I think it's a gold mine when it's used well!

What is the room where you like to spend the most time?

In fact, my favorite place in our house is the patio. I saw it from my office so I see it all the time. As soon as there is a ray of sunshine I run there, I nibble my breakfast there in the summer, we receive friends there for aperitifs or dinners even though we have a bit of garden . In the evening I also hang out there and I geek on insta from my bench. Summer, like winter. Obviously I need to breathe...

What is your favorite piece of furniture?

I love our library in the living room. Which isn't ours, by the way, but friends who put it in storage at home and ended up leaving it. I like its dimensions, its color, its composition and its modular shelves. And above all, I love what it houses: I love to read!

What place does the second hand take in your decoration?

Most of our furniture is second hand. Antique, inherited, found in the street… I like objects and furniture that have a life . I imagine it. It makes me dream. As soon as there is a flea market, I run there. But as the house is full I restrain myself because we can't buy anything anymore. And it's very good like that. So I dream in front of the pits. And I share on Insta for others.

What is the find you are most proud of?

The real find, the mega good surprise is the row that is upstairs on the landing. I was hanging out on Facebook one Sunday and I read on a group that brings together mothers from my suburbs that the presbytery is emptying its premises. Neither one nor two I go there and I come across this row but also a very beautiful screen. At a price that suited them and me. I can tell you that I was happy with my business ;-)

How did you come up with the idea of ​​creating Billie Blanket?

I created Billie Blanket after Vadim was born. I had worked in the decoration press for many years and I was just as out of breath as she was. I felt it was high time to go digital. I had the chance to cross paths with ELLE magazine, which at the time was looking to host blogs. So I started, feeling less alone accompanied by this women's magazine that I have read for so long and that I never tire of.

What do you share there?

By having my blog, I finally had the possibility of sharing everything I wanted and with the tone that suited me . I obviously talk about decoration, through very varied private visits to different interiors, small, large, very decorative or simpler. The idea is to show reality, to be true, that everyone finds their own style and above all to be inspired. I also visit shops, I show the collections that I like from the brands that I like and I also do topics on trends. The main thing is that everything I talk about makes sense and pleases me. I will never talk about something that I don't like, I am honest in life as in my work!

What is your favorite piece from Debongout?

At Debongout, I like everything but I think the Achille armchair is really successful!

What is good taste for you?

I don't know if it really tastes good. Everyone has their own of course. I would say that I like things that are simple and chic, not ostentatious and above all that have a soul.