Les 5 pièces de brocante indémodables à chiner au printemps - Debongout

The 5 timeless flea market items to hunt for in the spring

If you can't go antiquing in flea markets at the start of spring, Debongout is there to offer you a selection of the most beautiful second-hand pieces . We take this opportunity to give you a little recap of the essentials to adopt at home , the rare pearls not to be missed for a pretty decoration!

The golden mirror and its unique details

Old mirrors , Louis Philippe model for example, create a unique decoration in an interior. We love them for their pretty patina , which proves that they have stood the test of time. Even the models who have lived well are eyeing us! They deserve a place of choice: above the fireplace of course, on a beautiful piece of furniture or directly on the floor.

The essential Lady Jeanne

This big glass carboy has clearly become a must-have in the decor. Its atypical shape instantly catches the eye when it is well placed. We will not ask much more, except perhaps to welcome some dried flowers from time to time or a light garland on holidays. Small or large model, transparent, green or even blue glass... We love them all!

old porcelain

You won't find a better way to give character to your dining table ! Porcelain now comes out of the closet for all occasions, from simple dinners to festive evenings. Two options: adopt an entire service or mismatch the pieces for a completely personalized table decoration. You can even mix your finds with more modern elements. Our first collaboration with Emmaüs , moreover, gave us the opportunity to select a nice selection of old crockery, available at the showroom!

The small wooden bedside

If you're looking for the little piece of furniture that will structure your sleeping area while bringing the right amount of charm, this is where it's at. Opt for one (or two) bedside tables in vintage wood . High or low version, with or without storage… The important thing is that it goes well with your bed , its future best friend. And then you can even give it a second life with a little coat of paint.

The vintage trunk that has been around the world

The question we all ask ourselves: how to organize and store your interior with style? We found ! The large trunk (it also works with the vintage suitcase) is the ideal accessory. Arranged on the ground or above a cupboard, it offers a large storage space while imposing its raw and authentic style . You can also use your trunk as a coffee table, proudly enthroned in the middle of the living room!