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Fart his mother

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    Fart his mother

    The collection that sends pâté!

    This collection was an old idea that purred… and since we're not truffles, we put a lot of effort into pampering your little furballs with well-chosen accessories! They were imagined with a good dose of flair by the beautiful touch of Les Résilientes. We really didn't come across a bone with this branch of Emmaus which combines upcycling and professional integration! 

    Our Booba 🐶 presents Garfield the OKLM cushion, Rox the swag necklace, Rouky the woof leash, Rex the bandanas for street cred or even Rambo the slamming toy. They are all unique and made in Paris from scraps of jeans or shirts from donations, recycled to give them a seventh life.

    Pet his mother, it's THE furry collection that will make people yelp.

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