White Friday par Debongout. - Debongout

White Friday by Debongout.

With Black Friday fast approaching, we wanted to tell you about our initiative. That of explaining to you clearly and simply why we will not be participating in this commercial event this year (or the next ones for that matter). It's also an opportunity to tell you a little more about Debongout , our way of working and the origin of our products... All in transparency, a White Friday in a way!

Debongout will not be doing Black Friday deals

Debongout was born from a simple desire: to offer collections of antique, new or handcrafted pieces, which correspond to the way we consume and furnish today , more responsible and looking for unique pieces. , objects that tell a story. A way of consuming that respects the environment , giving objects a second life when possible.

Our mini collections, published every two months, allow us to work in small series and therefore never have stocks to sell . For each collection, just enough pretty pieces, for interiors that always remain unique and personalized!

Finally, the last reason why we will not make special offers is that we practice fair prices throughout the year . All our pieces are at affordable prices, so you can change the decor according to your mood! Impossible (and useless) therefore, to offer discounted prices at certain times of the year.

Full transparency on the origin of our products

At Debongout , we are committed to being honest and accurate about the story behind our products. And because their origins tell their story, we tell you everything!

Our vintage products are unearthed and selected by us , throughout France, from Paris to Lyon, via Brittany. Our new products come from Europe but also from Asia, to offer you the best possible quality , at affordable prices and always in small quantities. Finally, when we use craftsmen, we try to work with as few intermediaries as possible in order to offer you fair prices, but also to remunerate the work of the craftsmen as well as possible.

And to find the story of Debongout and its values ​​told by our founder Claire, go to our Youtube page!