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Three Instagram accounts to follow - Special women entrepreneurs #11

This week, we are changing scenery. It's not from the inside but from the inner core that animates some women, which I'm going to tell you about. At their level, they decided to change things. By giving the floor or by acting in different ways, they ensure that being a woman tomorrow is no longer an obstacle to advancing in one's personal or professional life. On this Monday, sometimes gloomy, I hope they will inspire you and that you will say to yourself: what if it were possible?

@ The important , sisters and entrepreneurs.

Meet Sacha and Lonia, two sisters. They have created the important, a new generation of media that you can follow on Instagram. They report relevant news from around the world on those who are fighting to change their condition. They also talk to us about female sexuality or "body positive". These two sisters simply make us aware of each other's situations, sometimes with seriousness, sometimes with lightness.

And if you're wondering about starting a family business, know that around here, it's not a problem, on the contrary! They know their particularities and know their complementarity. One more content, the other more business, they are driven by the same faith and bring the important thing to life daily with their guts and their hearts. Through their posts, their stories or the articles that they relay via their site and their newsletter, they make sure to tell us what is happening everywhere else. So feminist or not, we can only welcome this initiative which aims to ensure that tomorrow, our girls around the world are masters of their destiny.

What was the initial spark?

We both wanted to find a job that suited us and made sense. After several exchanges, the desire to work together on L'importante quickly became obvious to us.
Committed feminists, we wanted to create a site dedicated to the status of women in the world. We want L'importante to help make women's voices heard! We spent a year developing the site. The idea matured and gave way to an ultra-complete site. We can highlight portraits of women who are helping to change the world in Iran or the USA, as well as a brand of swimsuits made from recycled fishing nets.

What is your ambition for this project?

Our ambition is to continue to gain visibility to make as many people as possible aware of the feminist cause in the broad sense, women's rights, sexuality, body positive etc.
We would like to develop internationally, moreover we are launching a new school year in New York.

And what are the 3 Instagram accounts that you would recommend to those who want to get started?

@morgane_ortn , the founder of Amours Solitaires. It proves that our generation has a talent for writing, especially for declarations of love.

@feministabulous we like the angle she brings to the news and her feminist fights necessarily speak to us!

@Clitrevolution, 2 women who made a great web series on women's sexuality around the world. To follow and see

@GénérationXX : everything is possible, proof by example.

Monday. Lots of questions in mind. Probably a good time to listen to a postcast, right? Head to Generation XX. Here, Siham interviews women who have chosen to pursue their entrepreneurial, associative or artistic project. Stop living for breaks by creating a PR agency in Lisbon, preserve nature or simply decide to live from your passion, this podcast shows us that anything is possible. Siham asks the right questions, as one would dare to do over a coffee alone. "Why and how did you get started? Are you listening to your intuition? and family life in all this?" Questions about entrepreneurship in the broad sense, whether in the management of difficulties, sometimes failures, but also of growth or the values ​​that one instills in one's project. Intimate questions where the personalities interviewed confide in their lives. Intuition, gratitude, benevolence, ambition, so many words which are defined here and which mean that the entrepreneur is treated with sincerity and spontaneity. It's good because it's probably what makes us recognize and identify with it. As Siham says, "Generation xx wants to bring together those who have three essential values: curiosity, intuition and empathy. From there, anything is possible."

What was the initial spark?

The desire to highlight women and paths that make you want to believe in your projects, to move forward and discover the field of possibilities. I needed it at that time because I was looking for what was going to be the next professional step for me and it is important in these moments to gain height, to be nourished, to be inspired and to redefine for oneself these great notions that are success, failure etc.

What is your ambition for this project?
The ambition of Génération XX is to create content and experiences that bring together and nurture a community of women and men who share the values ​​of empathy, curiosity and intuition. Vast project :) The podcast is only the beginning!

And what are the 3 Instagram accounts that you would recommend to those who want to get started?

Hmm so randomly I would recommend @donte.colley @evachen212 and @the.wing (I did say it was random 😂 )

@WeAreSista , women are the biggest untapped pool of talent in the world.

Céline Lazorthes or Tatiana Jama, these thirty-somethings are emblems. They are part of what is called FrenchTech. They are ambitious and hardworking. Result: They succeeded. And then, one thing became clear… the number of women in their situation.

For what ? When a company starts to grow, it needs to grow quickly, if it wants to take a dominant position in its market, it will raise funds. This allows him to make the necessary investments to achieve his goal. In France (and elsewhere too, for that matter!), access to funding for projects carried out by women is deeply unequal. Business angels or investment funds are generally made up of men who include few women in their investments. Beyond a question of sexism, this is also explained by cognitive reflexes, which put us in mind that women will succeed less well than men.

So this group of women decided to force fate a little and help women entrepreneurs access this funding by imposing diversity in the digital economy.

How ? by ensuring that investment funds commit to investing 10% of the funds deployed in start-ups founded by women (10% because this is the rate of women at the head of start-ups) and by making the investment teams more feminine (only 7% of them are women)

Day by day, other business leaders (men and women) are joining the ranks of Sista, and that bodes very well for the future!

Céline Lazorthes, Founder of Leetchi and Mangopay

What was the initial spark?
Realize that women are not equal to men when it comes to financing their businesses!

What is your ambition for this project?
25% of women entrepreneurs financed by 2025 within companies financed by venture capital in France.

And what are the 3 Instagram accounts that you would recommend to those who want to get started?

3 women who are changing the world, of tech, media and babycare! 💪🏽

@EliseGoldfarb, Co-founder of Elise and Julia, Creative director @Meltyfr

@RoxanneVarza, Director of Station F

@CaroleJugeLlewellyn , CEO and founder of