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Three Instagram accounts to follow #32

This week, we share three new accounts to follow! For this 32nd selection, we loved the pretty posts from three Instagrammers. Through their posts, we travel in their interior, discovering their daily life and their decoration ideas . A beautiful mix that we want to observe every day! Want some inspiration? You will not be disappointed!

ma_maison_mi_casa_ , a lover of decoration and writing

Through her ma_maison_mi_casa_ account, Ève shares her passion for decoration and writing . Vintage furniture, more contemporary objects and touches of color punctuate his Instagram account… Not to mention the short texts that accompany his posts. A real “window on life” as she puts it so well. Ève also describes herself as a “great specialist in risky accumulations”. We are completely in love with its pretty decoration which makes us want to redecorate our entire interior!

Good taste according to Ève: Good taste begins with elegance. It's knowing how to dose, it's the right balance. Good taste is knowing how to recognize it, appreciate it and highlight it. It's clever mixes, pretty associations. And a whole bunch of things that make an interior unique and unlike any other.

Passionate about renovation, we present to you je.te.pimpe.maisonjolie !

Nina, better known under the pseudonym je.te.pimpe.maisonjolie , is a great renovation enthusiast! On his account, we find pretty photos of his completely renovated house, embellished with anecdotes from his daily life. Nina's bet: mix the atmospheres through the different rooms of the house . Atmospheres that she describes as “joyful, soft and comforting” . A nice mix that makes us completely crack!

Good taste according to Nina: Good taste, in my opinion, is a personal decoration. It is a harmonious assembly of objects and furniture that inspires us and brings us joy.

Fan of interior decoration, here is minaandmood !

On her Instagram account minaandmood , Sabrina shares her daily life, her favorites and her decoration . If she had to describe his interior, she would say that it is “all in simplicity” , just like his family. In story, she also shares the links of all her decorative finds, and that, we love. We also fell in love with her recipe ideas and her pretty outfits!

Good taste according to Sabrina: For me, good taste is the ability to combine elements that we like in our interior, that adapt to our daily lives. In my opinion, everyone can perceive good taste in a different way. It's all a matter of taste 😉 It's a reflection of our personality.