Trois comptes Instagram à suivre #31 - Debongout

Three Instagram accounts to follow #31

This week, it's the return of our three accounts to follow! Three Instagrammers who stand out with their original and personalized feeds. Inspired by their everyday environments, they transport us between the renovation of old houses and always well-thought-out decorative innovations . Are you ready to discover them? Let's go !

mya_de_saint_cyr , a vintage lover!

On her mya_de_saint_cyr Instagram account, Myriam shares her two great passions with us: decoration and second-hand! Vintage furniture, more contemporary objects, touches of color… This fan of well-thought-out decor always finds THE right idea to enhance her interior ! A warm decor that mixes styles, this is the atmosphere that Myriam loves to find in her home. We also fell in love with the pretty photos of his everyday life. A sweetness of life that we love to observe every day in our Instagram feed!

Good taste according to Myriam: For me, good taste means knowing how to dose. Find the clever mix and harmony of styles while keeping a certain elegance and harmony of materials, colors and graphic lines. I hate interiors that all look the same, those that are too crowded or conversely too sanitized, too colorful or too standardized that look like a store catalog.

Passionate about renovation, we present to you maison.jean.jules !

Through her maison.jean.jules Instagram account, Sarah shares her passion for renovation and china. On his account, we find the work carried out in this house dating from 1930, as well as all his decorative ideas to fit out his interior. Sarah's bet: transform the spaces of this beautiful residence according to her desires . And the result is there ! When she's not posting her pretty photos on Instagram, she shares all her precious advice on her blog, and we love it.

Good taste according to Sarah: Good taste is very relative. For me, it's being able to create something chic out of next to nothing. In decoration, I imagine this with design pieces, vintage, timeless materials and a touch of madness (otherwise, it's boring good taste).

Fan of interior decoration, meet noemie_hnq !

Noémie, better known under the pseudonym noemie_hnq , is a great decoration enthusiast! On her Instagram account, she shares photos of her interior, between vintage furniture and more recent pieces. A nice mix of styles and materials that makes us completely crack. We also love the pretty photos of her everyday life!

Good taste according to Noémie: Good taste is unique to everyone, for me it is a harmony in the colors. An interior not overloaded. Every detail is important.