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Three Instagram accounts to follow #29

This week, we share three new accounts to follow!
Our guests of the week immerse us in universes as inspiring as they are aesthetic. These three accounts have one thing in common: they are all from the middle of the decoration. Want some inspiration? You will not be disappointed! Karolänn, Caroline and Maya take the opportunity to give us their own definition of good taste, explained with accuracy.

Jolie M'Home , a raw and authentic atmosphere

Through her Jolie M'Home account, Karolänn Bapte Traversac shares her passion for painting, decoration and materials. This painter-materialist specialist in waxed concrete, lime and decorative coatings, relies on her account to show us all of her traditional craftsmanship. “ Materials are the start and end of all my projects. I like them raw and authentic. ". Discovering his insta, we are directly seduced by the poetry of the materials at the heart of his universe, in the simplicity of the natural...

Good taste according to Jolie M'Home ?Good taste means succeeding in combining colors, materials and textures with finesse, aesthetics and (in my opinion) a zest of audacity. »

Caroline Andréoni , daily passion

Caroline is an interior designer and shares with us on her account her daily life as an entrepreneur, mother and globetrotter. She takes us with her in her days to discover the backstage of her job, the joys and the galleys of the construction sites, the before and after of her renovations, her advice and decorative favorites but also her travels, her inspirations and her good addresses... An account that makes us dream and escapes us!

Good taste according to Caroline Andréoni
?Big question! Especially since good taste is very subjective and in all our decoration projects, we try to make projects that best reflect the taste of our customers. But personally, good taste for me is chic without fuss ;)
It is a simply sophisticated decoration. It means succeeding in creating a warm, timeless, contemporary and beautiful environment that seems natural, harmonious and above all not too much. I like rather masculine pieces of furniture in sober colors and I have more fun decorating by adding more feminine touches.

I am for creating timeless atmospheres that you never tire of and taking a few more daring choices by sparingly adding a touch of color or a more surprising material to bring it all to life. By choosing textiles that are visually more striking or by finding decorative objects that have a history. But always in a measured way so that it remains harmonious. »

Atelier Hans , design and architecture

Behind the Atelier Hans account, we introduce you to Maya, a talented young architect who shares her equally inspiring architecture and decoration projects with us. You can discover its construction sites (notably in stories) and its achievements: warm and characterful interiors designed around the notions of purity, elegance and softness.I love to lighten up, to make spaces breathe by restructuring volumes to bring in light and make traffic flow more fluid. This creates a real feeling of well-being and comfort. “We confirm. We would love to stroll through these beautiful spaces!

Good taste according to Atelier Hans?Good taste implies a universal notion of beauty. But for me, beauty is very subjective... Good taste, in my profession, is perhaps more the ability to recognize the singularity of a place, of an object and to know how to create harmonious associations and a fertile dialogue between these different elements. The idea being to create a kind of aesthetic evidence…