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Three Instagram accounts to follow #28

This week, it's the return of our three accounts to follow! In this summer period, we wanted to make you travel with three destination places for holidays that smell good of summer. From Perche to La Ciotat, with a big leap via Bali, these places are enough to escape us at this favorable moment. Three accounts that make us dream and inspire us...
Are you ready to take your holiday dose? Let's go !

Domaine de Ronsard , a charming home of charm and tranquility

Welcome to Domaine de Ronsard located in the heart of the Regional Natural Park of Perche, in a pretty isolated and hilly countryside. Discovering this family home decorated in a chic country spirit, you quickly understand why it is a place of choice for celebrating weddings.
Here, all dinners are served on vintage crockery and each piece of furniture has been tastefully antiqued . In the middle of this nature, find serenity there… A zen and peaceful atmosphere reigns there, making us want to spend all our days and evenings there.

Good taste according to the Domaine de Ronsard?
Good taste is a mix of simplicity, discretion and refinement. And in very good taste if the object or the place is vintage!

Maison Acacia La Ciotat , sunchine & good vibes

Browsing the Maison Acacia La Ciotat account is treating yourself to a whiff of vacation, a parenthesis to get away from it all for a few moments… You could almost imagine the sun warming our skin, the taste of salt on our lips and the sand tickling our feet!
This pretty 18th century town house, located in the historic center of La Ciotat and a stone's throw from the creeks, has been completely renovated, taking care to preserve the elements that make up the charm of its time. The account shares their lifestyle and the sweetness of life in the Citadel with a good dose of good vibes, kids, travel and inspiration.

Good taste according to Maison Acacia La Ciotat? Good taste for us translates in the first place by harmony, but also by adaptation to the environment and the place.

Hotel Sages , pure Balinese inspiration

For this last account, we take you on a trip to the other side of the world, to Indonesia (a nod to our Achille armchairs made on the Indonesian island of Java), more precisely to Bali! Renowned for its local crafts, this island is a mine of decorative treasures: woven basket, wicker suspension, raw wood furniture... The Hotel Sagès , a hidden gem in the middle of the nature of Padonan, with the art of cultivate this spirit that inspires travelers around the world. The spaces are decorated with taste and attention to detail. We warn you, the beauty of the interiors is breathtaking.

Good taste according to Hotel Sages? We love minimalism and natural, organic decor, but beauty is always in the eye of the beholder.