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Three Instagram accounts to follow #25

This week, our three Instagram accounts to follow are touring France! From Alsace to the Lyon region via Lille, our three Instagrammers have inspired us and aroused our curiosity... Through their publications, we travel from the countryside to the city and discover their interior and their daily lives. Accounts that are worth the detour and that make us love vintage even more…

Jo_family.deco, an Alsatian fan of vintage 

Johanna, better known under the nickname Jo_family.deco , shares her very own universe with us, highlighting her interior mixing new and vintage! She defines her interior as a warm and reassuring cocoon, filled with warm colors and materials that she particularly likes. A passionate photographer, she perfectly highlights the different rooms of her house. In the era of minimalism and less consumption, it has found its style of decoration and its balance . We also like the little nods to her daughter and her routine as an adventurous mom, always on the lookout for something new.

Good taste according to Johanna : For me, good taste is above all an ability to love, an ability to feel, to discern qualities and faults. Loving pretty things, the beauty of objects, although beauty is subjective and unique to each person.

Byopaline, a true decoration enthusiast

On her byopaline Instagram account, Charlotte inspires us with her responsible lifestyle and her desire to share her tips with her community . She shares with us her daily life and her different passions. We also love her other Instagram account immersion_vegetal reflecting her penchant for healthy eating. How not to also melt in front of his little animal with the taut mustaches named Arya, who never stops posing in his photos.

Good taste according to Charlotte : It is difficult to define what good taste is, but for my part, in decoration, I like to start from a timeless base and add a few trendy objects and second-hand items. Oh yes, because I love antiquing above all else! So my home is a clever mix of all that, while favoring neutral tones and natural materials.

Anneeeck, a globe-trotting mother

Anne won us over with her delicate Instagram posts, sharing with us the happiness of her young children and her travels to the four corners of the world. Anneeeck shares her emotions by capturing the most beautiful moments of her daily life . Crush on the pretty photos of her daughter with her little friend the teddy bear! A sweetness of life that we love to observe every day in our Instagram feed!