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Three Instagram accounts to follow #24

The three accounts to follow are back again! The pretty publications of the guests that we offer you this week have particularly caught our eye. Peaceful walks along the banks of the Loire, renovations of houses that are worth seeing, decoration ideas combining vintage and modern... a good mix of inspirations that you want to observe in your Instagram feed every day! Discover their worlds… , a lover of the new and mottled mix...

In a few words, Julie is a big fan of decoration. So much so that she made it her job! Nantes mother of 5 children, she highlights her know-how and her creative talent in inspiring publications . Faithful lover of old school design, she likes to mix seventies lines and raw materials by adding small touches of charm to English interiors! She likes to share her inspirations, her projects and her little cocooning home being renovated 😊

Good taste according to Julie : Good taste is finesse and elegance in the things of life!

Rue.dela.menthe , a renovated house at the heart of its daily life

Anne created her Instagram account to share her love of renovation and decoration. The purchase of an old house was the trigger that made him want to share his passion with his community. A simple renovation, which she carried out herself, little by little. This pretty house quickly became the center of discussions in Anne's family, so it seemed logical to her to share the different stages on her account. Anne offers simple and inspiring content every day. We love her ability to highlight beautiful things while keeping her natural penchant for hand-made and heathered items .

Good taste according to Anne : For me, good taste is knowing how to mix styles. For example: vintage and modern - vintage for style and modern for functionality. There are many different styles but when "it's in good taste" for me, it's when you can't deny that even if it's not our style everything is successful and harmonious.

melle_madeline , fan of decoration inspired by nature

On her account, Agathe shares with us her life and her passions that she transforms into projects! Interior decorator, event designer and stylist, Agathe finds most of her inspiration in nature. She likes to highlight it in neat and refined publications . It is in particular thanks to her passion for flowers that she decided to create her Instagram account. His future project? Moving into a house to take full advantage of a beautiful garden that she has dreamed of having for so long!

Good taste according toAgathe : It's a bit of a snob to say that, but for me good taste is innate, unfortunately it doesn't really work! When it's not innate, we get help from professionals or by scanning Pinterest..