Trois comptes Instagram à suivre #23 - Debongout

Three Instagram accounts to follow #23

This week, it's the return of Instagram accounts to follow… because you never have enough inspiration to create a beautiful universe! Our guests of the week amaze us every day with their pretty publications. Lille wanderings, a mix of new and old, moments of life and comforting little details… in short, everything you want to see when you browse Instagram . Very nice discoveries, which we hope will please you as much as we do.

Byblondie , Lille discoveries, but not only…

Through Byblondie, Anaïs shares with us her love for fashion, decoration, travel and… her little dog 🐕 This Lille resident, in love with her city, also makes us discover the corners where to walk , the restaurants not to be missed… the perfect little city guide for a weekend in the north. We love the simplicity of his shots, the always well-mastered colors that create a singular universe and of course, the good lifestyle ideas!

Good taste according to Anaïs : For me, good taste is a personal matter. It is unique to everyone. It is not confined to following the latest trends, it is rather expressed through each personality. For me, there are as many good tastes as there are individuals, but above all I think that… we all have, in our own way, good taste!

Roseandmusc , the perfect mix of new and old

Roseandmusc is Sarra's universe, her bubble. She likes to mix the new and the old, the modern and the vintage, the masculine and the feminine, straight lines and curves… and this both in fashion and in decoration. For her, it is by marrying the opposites that we find the perfect balance . We like to follow Sarra in her different adventures and discover her looks, each more inspiring than the next.

Good taste according to Sarra : For me, good taste is what I like to share on my account: mixing universes subtly, without doing too much or not enough, just what is needed!

Juliana.degiacomi , a sunny universe with soft inspirations

Juliana is a decorator and content creator, and has a real passion for photography and styling. She shares her inspirations with us every day (Juliana is Brazilian and it shows), her decorative universe and her life as a mother with her two little girls. We follow her for the sweetness of her photos , the pretty decorative details that we would not have thought of (like this headboard painted on the wall…) and the good lifestyle ideas.

Good taste according to Juliana : In my opinion, good taste means knowing how to affirm one's taste and follow one's personal desires. It's not necessarily adhering to trends but knowing how to bring your personal touch and tell your own story with authenticity and personality! As far as decoration is concerned, good taste means buying responsibly, valuing vintage objects that have a history. Choose natural and respectful materials and do not overconsume.