Trois comptes Instagram à suivre #19 - Debongout

Three Instagram accounts to follow #19

This week, it's the return of Instagram accounts to follow… because you never have enough inspiration to create a beautiful interior! Our guests of the week make us want every day with their pretty publications. The three accounts of the week have one thing in common: the sweetness of life. Clichés that do good, highlighting the sweetness of these little moments of everyday life . Marie, Audrey and Camille also give us their definition of good taste, explained with accuracy.

Marie in May , well-chosen moments of life

Through her Instagram page , Marie presents us with little bits of her Parisian life, punctuated by her love for decoration and for flowers, her crushes, her granddaughter Jeanne and her walks in Paris. We love the pretty details and the little moments of life highlighted by always delicate shots. Marie also reveals some details of her interior, mixing new and antique furniture and accessories, as we like :)

Good taste according to Marie : In my opinion, good taste does not really exist. There is only his personal taste that counts and what will be the good one! Personally, I am drawn to minimalism. Safe bets and timeless furniture are for me the best way not to make mistakes when it comes to decoration!

Audrey Fitzjohn , sweet life

Audrey's Instagram account is a collection of things, moments and atmospheres. It is a support for creative expression where she can give free rein to her inspirations of the moment. Audrey also sees it as an open door to encounters, those that seem so obvious when they might never have happened. We fell in love with the general atmosphere that emerges from these photos. Little bits of interiors and a very soft color palette that makes you want to sneak into this universe.

Good taste according toAudrey : For me, good taste means cultivating one's uniqueness, doing things for oneself first and foremost, finding one's own essence. That's how we feel what has soul and what doesn't.

Bon Voyage Camille , over the course of discoveries

Camille shares her daily life with us, surrounded by her two little ones Gaspard and Louise. Globetrotter at heart, having left Paris for Provence a short time ago, she also reveals her latest holiday destinations and the layout of her new tastefully decorated house. We draw a good dose of inspiration there as well as simple and always well thought out decoration ideas.

Good taste according to Camille : In my opinion, aesthetic judgment stems from a sensation, an emotion, a feeling and not just a visual judgment. Good taste emanates from intrinsic values ​​that go beyond personal taste. In fact, having good taste is a combination of felt emotion and cultural relevance!