Trois comptes Instagram à suivre #16 - Debongout

Three Instagram accounts to follow #16

This week, to start the year as it should be, it's the return of Instagram accounts to follow… because you never have enough inspiration to create a beautiful interior! Our guests of the week make us want every day with their pretty publications. Colorful decoration transformations, soft and poetic universes, moments of life and comforting little details… in short, everything you want to see when you are passionate about decoration . (Very) beautiful discoveries, which we hope will please you as much as we do.

Darya Kopp , the key word in color

Darya has left her Parisian Haussmannian for the sun of Marseille… and it really makes you want to! She shares with us the before and after of the renovation of her new house , between small and large works, new decoration and pretty staging. Bright colors always well chosen, mottled pieces and small oriental touches make up his new playground, we strongly advise you to see the result!

Good taste according to Darya : Good taste is something very subjective and personal. For me, it is very much associated with the choice of materials and the details that often make all the difference, such as beautiful lights, a well-chosen color or pretty switches.

La Maison Onirique , a haven of softness

For her interior, Hélène has created a soft and poetic universe , and it shows perfectly on her Instagram account. She is committed to conveying joy, gentleness and kindness through her various publications. We like the inspiring details, the harmony of the pretty moments of life chosen and of course, the little descriptions that go with it. A bright and positive account , which feels good!

Good taste according to Hélène : For me, good taste means being in harmony with one's deep interiority, one's uniqueness. It is the way we look at objects.

Inside Closet , interiors more inspiring than each other

She is the queen of the Home Tour! For several years now, Anne-Sophie has been inviting herself into the most beautiful interiors to let us discover them. Their inhabitants present to us their always very personalized universes, composed of timeless classic pieces, vintage finds, personal creations... In addition, they tell us about themselves, their lifestyles and their love for their interior... pure inspiration!