Trois comptes Instagram à suivre #15 - Debongout

Three Instagram accounts to follow #15

This week, I'm talking about Chinese pearls and minimal beauty. For the third, it's a surprise guest 🤗

Instagram, this wonderful social network where photos and videos immerse us in lives and universes as addictive as a good Netflix series. The discoveries are numerous but it is also easy to get lost. To guide you, I offer you a selection of 3decoration & lifestyle accounts to follow.

@LaPartDesChoses , Esthete of the essential.


He was born barely 3 months ago and carries the following message “Living with less doesn't take anything away from your life, it improves it. “A quote that perfectly sums up this account which knows how to “share things”.

With simplicity, consistency and delicacy, Stéphanie shows us how to live with the essentials. Between inspiration, photography and a great sense of detail, you will discover a universe where flowers, colors or beautiful materials such as linen or ceramics mix.

Stéphanie therefore strives to show us that the minimal is beautiful and that it lies between selection, use and emotion.

The slow way of life, I invite you to discover it through these 137 publications, each more essential than the next.

Good taste according to @LaPartDesChoses

The art of simplicity, or the good old "less is more" which in my opinion is the most difficult to achieve because it implies not succumbing to all temptations to let the soul of the decorated place express itself.

Her most beautiful decorative find

My most beautiful decorative find that I bought recently (I've been waiting since January for them to be available 😖) the wall Face from HK living made in Peru

His favorite piece Debongout

My favorite piece is without hesitation,the Ernest linen cushions , I love this natural material so much!...

@BrocEnScene , Chinese decor

It's not one but several nuggets that I'm talking about here because Nadia has the talent to find them! Perfect vintage furniture dots his feed with their respective character.

From Tours, she travels the roads in search of the rare pearl that she then highlights in stagings that reveal their story to us.

Workbenches, farmhouse tables or bistro chairs by Baumann, happiness is quickly found here, whether raw, painted or sanded.

Special mention for an XXL size farmhouse table marked by the meals it has hosted for a good bunch of years.

Personally, it makes me dream! 🤩

Good taste according to @BrocEnScene

It is difficult to speak of good taste (or bad taste) because it is ultimately a rather personal notion. In my opinion, everyone has their own interpretation... the frame of reference, sometimes, can have a lot to do with it.
On the other hand, the notion of "taste", simply, is much more meaningful to me.
It is often obvious when faced with it.
"Taste" or "to have taste" reflects a personality, a signature and undeniably provides an emotion.
In an interior, it goes through a clever mix of style, material, objects. It is also for me transposable in the style of clothing.
For me taste is knowing how to combine the improbable, mixing styles by giving a perspective other than what we see everywhere!

Her most beautiful decorative find

I have so many 🙈 but this series of old windows, this color, this patina... that's all I love. They can be diverted ad infinitum...that's also what I like about china.

FYI, I still have them but never mind ... I had an emotion and I only hunt for what I like .. (wrongly or rightly).

His favorite piece Debongout

I really like Aristide. These small objects that can sublimate a decor...

@Meca_Booba , A star is born?

A real star in his neighborhood, Booba finally arrives on Instagram!

Since his earliest childhood, he has been immersed in the passions of his parents, decoration on one side and old cars on the other. So it was hard for him to make a choice. Today, after long months of hesitation, he finally decided to lend his image to Mecanicus. Booba now arrives on Instagram under the name of Meca_booba.

And yes, it was ultimately the car trips spent sniffing the air at the window that won her favors.

But promise! he hasn't lost his taste for other beautiful patinas since you can also follow his adventures in second-hand goods or in his thrilling walks on the banks of the Saint-Martin canal where he sometimes lets out a few melodious vocalizations.

Good taste according to @Meca_Booba

Good taste for me essentially applies to good flesh. Always a foodie, I confess to waiting patiently at the feet of my masters, or of their guests, for some victuals that could nonchalantly escape them during dinners at home.

Her most beautiful decorative find

This rattan bed perfectly adapted to my imposing size.

His favorite piece Debongout

The Melchior candleholder for this pretty light that lulls me in the evening.