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Three Instagram accounts to follow #13

Instagram, this wonderful social network where photos and videos immerse us in lives and universes as addictive as a good Netflix series. The discoveries are numerous but it is also easy to get lost. To guide you, I offer you a selection of 3decoration & lifestyle accounts to follow.

This week, we travel! I'm talking about two people I met in person (yes, yes!). I fell in love with their work, so representative of their personality. The third, I would love to meet her but she decided to export the live French style in her beautiful New York apartment. A trip to the east, a trip to the west and a journey into the imagination of a talented designer, here are the three accounts of the week!

@MaisonLevantine , the delicacy of the east

Do you know who the Levantines are? Western Europeans who settled in Turkey from the Ottoman Empire.

Turkish by her mum and Levantine by her dad, imagine the family origins of this young entrepreneur. There is enough to tell the beautiful story of this mix of cultures thanks to local craftsmanship, selected and made by enthusiasts. This is what Christine decided to do by mixing these skills with our current lifestyle.

You will be able to discover his plates on feet with incredible finesse, his enamel cups or this cotton bath linen so soft that you might think it is silk.

You are invited to travel east to discover this young brand made up of delicate inspirations, quality control and the desire to offer accessible pieces to introduce as many people as possible to the talents of this country which is so dear to him.

Good taste according to @MaisonLevatine

It's relative and subjective, it can be innate but can also be learned. It is for me the art of choosing and putting in harmony. In decoration, it is the selection of pieces that bet together will have a beautiful coherence and be aesthetic.

Her most beautiful decorative find

I'm in a green and pink phase (it shows in my latest collection), I fell for this Antoinette Poisson poster.

@ LaMauvaiseRéputation , tasteful kitsch.

At Stéphanie, we don't ask ourselves the question of whether what we are going to create is fashionable or not, and so much the better!

Here, we make things that we like and that we enjoy doing. Admittedly, Stéphanie has the talent to renovate the vintage furniture that she hunts for, but also that of imagining a whole bunch of other objects which, by small touches in an interior, bring this little grain of madness which allows a truly personal and unique decoration. .

I therefore let you take a look at these Smurfs coat hooks, his world map chairs but also his hats in always elegant colors. You'll see, we take a lot of the peepers and that's great!

Good taste according to @LaMauvaiseReputation
When your friends feel at home

Her most beautiful decorative find

My bouroullec ploum sofa

@ElephantInTheRoom , home and the city.

Direction the great west, direction New York.

It is a Marseillaise installed there that I present to you this week. In her beautiful “made in USA” red-brick apartment, she took with her this Frenchy art of living, this good taste for decoration with this love for vintage and this concern for ecology.

Through her blog and her Instagram account, Stéphanie invites us into her "home sweet home" and takes us with her to discover the Big Apple. By making us live her daily life, she makes us discover brands and other good plans that apply as well across the Atlantic as here. Improving the brightness of your apartment, becoming greener in simple everyday gestures or DIY advice, this is the perfect opportunity to imagine crossing the Atlantic in a few clicks.

Good taste according to @ElephantInTheRoom

Good taste in decoration for me is the association of pretty colors and beautiful furniture & objects made of beautiful materials or materials, simple with a hint of originality, but it is above all to trust your favorites because I noticed that by following his instinct a harmony between everything is set up.

Her most beautiful decorative find

This vintage safari armchair found for next to nothing at emmaus.