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Three Instagram accounts to follow #10

Instagram, this wonderful social network where photos and videos immerse us in lives and universes as addictive as a good Netflix series. The discoveries are numerous but it is also easy to get lost. To guide you, I offer you a selection of 3 decoration & lifestyle accounts to follow.

@Les_Trocanteuses and their Chinese pearls.

A refurbished Scandinavian chest of drawers, an old mirror with just the right patina, or a Berber carpet straight from the Moroccan souks… At the trocanteuses, you will have the choice in terms of decorative “must haves” thanks to a regular restocking. Their finds and their work on the furniture they renovate reflect their state of mind: giving a second life to furniture doomed to oblivion. Les Trocanteuses is also decorative inspirations, unique, like each of their pieces. This couple of serial bargain hunters clearly have a gift for finding the right pieces and giving them a second life that inspires!

Good taste according to @Les_Trocanteuses

To approach good taste, we would start by saying that it is singular, unique, specific to each person and the result of a long journey in the immense universe of tastes and colors.
For Les Trocanteuses, good taste is timeless, noble and pure.
Good taste does not care about fashions and time... good taste remains good taste... whatever the place or the time.
Good taste, for us, often goes hand in hand with noble materials, wood, leather, iron, which give cachet and soul to creations.
But in general, good taste is everywhere and nowhere at the same time, elusive.
Good taste is obviously not limited to an object but to a whole universe, an atmosphere. An elegant object can lose all its magic in a poorly arranged space... an intrinsically banal object can turn out to be of incredible good taste in a well-designed and harmonious place.
Good taste very often resides in the heart and passion, the heart always tastes good.

Their most beautiful decorative find

This vintage chest of drawers that they completely renovated.

@EpureJustineLacoste , artistic ceramics.

Welcome to Justine, ceramist. This account was recommended to me by several of you and I might as well tell you that I was not disappointed when I discovered it. Épure is more than a word, it's a philosophy. Here, no frills, we focus on the object as such and it's beautiful! Dusty pink, sage or immaculate white, Justine's creations have this attention to detail that makes them follow each other but are not alike. A touch of gold here or a simple drip there, they are endowed with this subtle fragility that gives them something extra, something to tell.

Good taste according to @EpureJustineLacoste

I find it complicated to define "good taste" because it's very arbitrary...
In my opinion, the expression of singularity and authenticity is the reflection of good taste. When a person agrees with what they wear or with the place in which they live. For me, harmony is synonymous with good taste.

Her most beautiful decorative find

For the decorative piece, I'm doing a little crack on the lamps made by Olivier 😍 I dream of acquiring one!

@little_coming_home , Cathy's home

It was while reading her love note for her son's twentieth birthday that I discovered Cathy's account. An account like at home with pretty, unpretentious things that make you feel good there. Cathy makes us discover the details of her daily life and confides in it. Adventures that we enjoy reading because they are authentic and beautifully illustrated. Cathy also has this simplicity and this discretion which makes it easy to imagine yourself there. Probably because she knows how to share and give self-confidence like in her old job. Today, she has decided to do it differently, by helping us to be comfortable at home through decoration and interior design, always with poetry, as she writes.

Good taste according to @little_coming_home

Good taste is an interior that breathes, objects chosen with care and arranged sparingly to let the light in. These are pieces of furniture that tell a story, that sometimes have scars or imperfections but that the atmosphere sublimates. These are materials, fabrics that go together, warm and reassure. It is a table prepared with care, thought to welcome, to offer a happy, warm moment and whet the appetite.

Good taste is its own identity, which listens to the world, the times, is inspired by them, without ever copying them completely. It is the opposite of the ostentatious, the absolute.

Good taste is something that takes time, but does not consume it: it is delicate attention, which does not necessarily require the unreasonable.

Good taste is what seems there in a natural and harmonious way.
It's a space where we feel good, it's what we notice and inspires: our heart is nourished by it and our mind is abandoned and reflects.

Good taste is experience, listening and the confidence to make your own way, your own tastes. 🌿

Her most beautiful decorative find

These pretty dumbbells in their juice, those of a young girl from a good family who wanted to talk 🏵🌱