Toutes nos idées pour trouver le cadeau de Noël parfait… - Debongout

All our ideas for finding the perfect Christmas gift...

The quest for the perfect Christmas gift is officially on! This little thought to put under the tree for the people you love and want to spoil... At Debongout, we have thought of a nice selection of gifts to offer to all the people around you during these end-of-year celebrations. . But it's also an opportunity to find the idea of ​​the century to subtly slip into the ear of your mom or your dear and tender to please you!

Vasco, the terrestrial globe

This little golden globe is the perfect Christmas gift! Its vintage design and transparent globe make it an original and authentic piece. Displayed in the bedroom on a desk or in the living room on a sideboard, it will have its little effect.

Anatole, the graphic vase

Offer a vase yes, but not just any model! We liked Anatole for its graphic side and its deep green color. It comes in three different models to accommodate your bouquets, your dried flowers or just to decorate a piece of furniture. Our Anatole vases can be adopted together or separately.

Narcissus, the destructured mirror

Narcissus and its unstructured shape will make people jealous... Its finesse and its size, neither too small nor too big, make it the ideal decorative touch to dress the wall of a bedroom (above a chest of drawers or a dressing table), a bathroom or an entrance. Two different shapes are available, to be displayed alone or in pairs.

Arthur, the round cushion

The original little cushion par excellence, that's him! Arthur is composed of a velvet face and a cotton face. We love it to decorate an armchair or a sofa, or to make your party table chairs even more comfortable. Brown or gold color, your choice!

Boris, the sheepskin

Our sheepskin is the timeless element to warm and sublimate an armchair, a sofa or a wooden bench. Boris is a white Icelandic sheepskin with long and silky hair, cocooning to perfection! We never get tired of it, especially in this period of great cold.

Nino, the two-tone vase

We liked the Nino vase for its very original design. A smooth side, the other streaked and two colors that combine perfectly to make a decorative object, as pretty with or without flowers. Two different sizes are available.

Françoise, the jewelry box

This large jewelry box is made of glass and gilded brass. We love the charm of its delightfully vintage look. To display your jewelry (or other), in the bedroom or the bathroom... it's the little attention that always gives pleasure!

Noa, the timeless cutting board

As beautiful on display in the kitchen as on the coffee table, our Noa walnut boards , handmade by a Périgord craftsman, always have their little effect. Unique pieces thanks to the natural design of the wood. They are available in three sizes, for all uses.

Joachim, the little candlestick

Joachim is the small decorative accessory to (s') offer par excellence. To be placed on a piece of furniture or directly in the middle of a table for late-night candlelight atmospheres. It is as beautiful alone as in two or three arranged next to each other.

Isidore, the green vase

This pretty green vase with a matte and smooth finish will enhance the living room. It welcomes bouquets of fresh or dried flowers, or simply decorates your wooden furniture. Two different sizes, to adopt together or separately.

Lots of other gift ideas at low prices await you in our new Advent morning collection!