8:00 am, il est temps de repenser sa chambre ! - Debongout

8:00 am, it's time to rethink your bedroom!

Saturday morning, the alarm clock shows 8:00 a.m. The first rays of that soft January light begin to flood the room. Cozy and warm under the duvet, you can guess how cold it is outside… How good it is to hang out in bed for a few hours before starting the weekend! A moment that we want full of sweetness , alone or with family, the book of the moment in front of us and a matcha tea in hand. Wrap yourself in our Elsa bedding set, admire our Elena illustrations by the light of our Estelle lamp. Thérèse the teapot and Justine the glass cup take their places right next to it, on the small Pénélope marble table. Discover the first part of our new collection

For us, the month of January rhymes with comfort. Only one desire in this cold weather, to enjoy your home and feel perfectly good there. This starts with the layout and decoration of the bedroom , this space conducive to relaxation and rest.

Our new 8:00 am collection is made up of everything you need to create your little cocoon. Elsa the bedding set is the centerpiece of our collection. We imagined with the household linen brand Les Pensionnaires, a duvet cover and pillowcases in ultra soft cotton gauze. We love its warm color, tenderly renamed Speculos. For an even cozier bed, add a few cushions in Loup velvet or Pierrot cotton . Our small Côme tray welcomes Justine, the glass cup and Thérèse, the teapot. Breakfast is served !

To give relief to the room, we bet on an XXL mottled mirror . A classic golden Louis Philippe model whose extraordinary size enhances any space . It is as beautiful positioned on a fireplace (if you have a high ceiling) as directly on the ground. We also fell for a Scandinavian chest of drawers nicknamed Olga , which with the perfect shade of its wood, neither too light nor too dark, brings a warm touch to the bedroom.

On the decoration side, our Ali patterned rug is ideal for coloring the room in a sober way. Arranged below the bed, it warms the atmosphere and makes the rest area even more cocooning. We have also imagined a new bouquet of dried flowers in collaboration with The Blond Cactus , the reference in terms of pretty floral compositions! To finalize this decor, we wanted abstract illustrations with fine lines and soft colors . Elena and Elena II were designed by an Australian artist whose inspirations we love.

Finally, the last surprise of this new collection. Our Estelle lamp, which you (much) liked in gold in the Back to Cool collection , is now available in black and cream . We love her new look, simple and chic at the same time . Estelle takes place on the chest of drawers, the desk or the bedside table and illuminates your bedroom with its soft glow.

Find Olga, Elena, Estelle, Ali and all the others on our eshop , but also at our Parisian showroom at 4 rue Martel . And don't forget, the rest of our 8:00 am collection is coming very very soon...