Provence, mon amour, notre nouvelle collection ! - Debongout

Provence, my love, our new collection!

In May, do what you like ! And we, what we like above all, is finally enjoying the first real rays of the sun. Those that heat up until the evening and make the outside a living space in its own right. We lounge there, we have an aperitif, we watch over it, we chat there for hours... And for that, we have planned everything to create the perfect atmosphere. Provence mon amour is a soft, friendly and delicately rustic collection, enhanced with small Mediterranean inspirations . Furniture made of natural materials, colored crockery, ceramics and terracotta vases... We let you discover this lovely collection .

Make way for the exterior layout for this new collection. Discover Nadine , our rattan coffee table. With its fully vintage look and pretty lines , it adapts perfectly to any type of decor. We can easily imagine it in a garden room or as a bedside table. It goes just as well with new as with other vintage pieces for a nice mix of styles.

And on the seating side, we have also bet on vintage with Martin the rattan armchair, simple and elegant. Antoine the small farm bench finds its place everywhere thanks to its pretty lines and its small all-purpose format. As for Bruno the side table, it adds an original touch to your space , and can also be used as a side table or stool.

To complete this space, add Pablo , the raffia pouf. Its pretty beige color and its details make it a remarkable seat. A few great Jeanne ladies will also bring a bohemian touch to your space. They are self-sufficient as decoration, but we can also imagine them decorated with eucalyptus leaves, pampas grass and any other dried flower .

When summer sets in little by little, what we prefer are the first meals outside. And for this we have created the ideal corner to enjoy the first rays of the sun . Discover Denise , our black iron table and its pretty patina. To set your table, here is Giulia , the essential white and orange striped tablecloth for Mediterranean decorations. Add Thobias , our pretty chiseled glasses with a graphic shape, Luca , our colorful Italian-inspired plates and Barnabé , our stainless steel cutlery set.

Jeanne the caned chair made in Debongout will perfectly complement your table. You can also add Antoine , the farm bench, to bring a vintage side that we love.

On the small decoration side, we wanted colorful accessories, with a certain elegance. Here is Naila , our Beldi carafe. Made of mouth-blown recycled glass , it seduced us with its pretty authentic shape and bluish color. To accompany your snacks and aperitifs, discover Marcel , the cake stand, and Alessio , the Italian speckled salad bowls. They are available in two colors to bring warmth and friendliness to your table .

To complete your space, add Pauline , the floral illustrations, Adrian , our collection of terracotta vases to adopt together or separately, perfect for lovers of natural materials and raw decoration , and Sivan , the amphora with its pretty patterns. painted.

In each collection, we offer you Debongout creations. Furniture or accessories designed for you and made by the best craftsmen. Georgio the rug in recycled cotton and jute, Ernest the large cushion in soft shades and Lina the large linen towel… Pretty accessories designed by us and entirely handmade in Portugal , for all rooms of the house.